7 Snake Plant Varieties to Brighten Up Your Living Room

 Homiful.com - Fill the room with plants can make life and cheerful atmosphere. Other way, plants can bring a vibrant piece of the outdoors into the indoor. Here are 7 Snake Plant Varieties to Brighten Up Your Living Room that can make inspire and try. Let's check it out!

Sanseviera zeylanica


The one of hardy plants, Sanseviera zeylanica has long sword like leaves are dark green with wavy lighter green bands. This type of snake plants perfect to put at living room that area easy care, shade loving, and air purifying.

Sansevieria moonshine


To be known, Sanseviera moonshine is a cultivar of the Sanseviera trifasciata, which is a succulent from Asparagaceae family. Sanseviera moonshine is a beautiful, upright snake plant with board silvery green leaves.

Sansevieria with cute ceramic pot


Growing snake plants or Sanseviera in a ceramic pot can increase the view at living room. Use cute and sweet ceramic pot that can make you have pretty and clean media.

Sansevieria golden hahnii


Sansevieria golden hahnii is a snake plant that famous with buttery yellow leaves accented with green stripes. Golden hahnii prefers direct sunlight or bright, and indirect light. Watering the golden hahnii when the soil becomes completely dry, usually every 14 days or so.

Sansevieria hybrid "Anita"


Sansevieria hybrid 'Anita' is the compact snake plant with pointed conical blades as leaves that resemble as Pineapple's spikes. Moreover, it has light green leaves with dark green stripes. Watering this snake plant once a week.

Sanseviera trifasciata 'Black Gold'


The Black Gold Sanseviera or viper's bowstring hemp is a popular type of perennial snake plant cultivar that has dark green leaves and a striking golden-yellow edge. Put the snake plants at living room like on the floor or at windowsill that can make the view and atmosphere feel pretty and comfy.

Sansevieria bird nest


Sansevieria bird nest is one of over 70 different species falling under the heading snake plant. These types known as bird nest Sanseviera varieties are just tough as any of the older, upright types.

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