7 Snake Plant Arrangement Ideas

7 Snake Plant Arrangement Ideas

Homiful.com -- Snake plants are one of many people's favorite plants. Even so, a desire for beginners ornamental lovers who are just starting to pursue the world of plantations. It is not surprising if the snake plant has an easy and fast growth. In addition to being one of the plants with many benefits, to arrange this snake plant you need many ideas. For example, when entering the room or being a complement in the garden. You can see the idea in the review below:

It can be combined with other plants


To design snake plants around the house, you can make one type of plant or by combining it with other plants. Create a fresh urban jungle concept with a refreshing tropical feel. If you want to mix other plants, be sure not put them in one area. For example, with pothos plant that you can create a vertical garden concept hanging like a picture.

Neatly stack around the stairs


This next idea is very easy for many people to try. Especially utilizing the ladder area that can be one of the interesting place for planting snakes. Arrange neatly on each footing of the stairs and fill about 2 -3 snake plants in the pot. Make sure you give space on the stairs for access so that is does not look full. By utilizing this ladder area, you can choose to add other plants or equalize the type of plants.

Ceramic pot arrangement


Ceramic pots are also among the best choice when you use snake plants as decorations indoors. Due to its strong nature, this ceramic pot can maintain soil moisture, and perfect the root ball of the snake plants. You need to add a small plate at the bottom as a way to avoid standing water if watering is too much.

Solo plant


There is no need to hesitate if you try to put the snake plants in the room alone. You can choose a pot model of plastic materials, used glass bottles, pottery or special container. In order to ensure its beauty, you can use gold color to beautify this single plant in the room.

Beautiful in white


You can still design an indoor snake plant even though it is single like this. Use a matching white pot between rooms, and at least there is no need to use an additional pot, use a standing rack. Make this plant a focal point for a beautiful corner of the living room, and make sure to place it around the windows of the house.

Propagation methods


Not always using soil media, multiplying plants with methods of propagation is also widely tried. Even for this, snake plant will make the room interior so cooler. Use propagation tubes or glasses to facilitate growth.

Bathroom interior sweetener



In addition to beautiful if placed in the living room, the review plant is also believed to provide more benefits when you put it in the bathroom. This natural air purifier will help to get a bad smell in the bathroom of your home. It doesn't even have to be put down, prepare a place around the sink like this will give it natural beauty.

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