7 Small Terrace Ideas with a Cool and Cozy Garden

Homiful.com -- There is something you can get from a small terrace. Moreover, you are lucky enough to have a terrace or veranda overlooking a fresh garden. This area can be used as a place to relax. The beautiful outdoor atmosphere will provide a more pleasant relaxing experience. For that, present a terrace design with features that complement your comfort.

Make your small terrace more functional and attractive with these 7 Small Terrace Ideas with a Cool and Cozy Garden.

The small terrace for the best healing place


A small terrace can be a healing spot which is so serene and calming. You can lay out a soft carpet to sit relaxed on this terrace. Various plants in the garden in front of the terrace will give a tropical impression to this garden and terrace. Large-leaved plants also present a shady tropical vibe to make you feel better. 

Small but beautiful terrace garden ideas


Make the back porch look like part of your home garden. You only need to put a set of rattan chairs and tables on the grass carpet. Plants around the terrace make the place naturally fresh. Add outdoor decorations with a plant theme to liven up this terrace garden. In order not get muddy, make sure the terrace is also covered by a non-cast roof or other canopy roof. 

Small terrace with pool ideas


If you have a swimming pool behind your house, also consider having a relaxing terrace around the pool. A small terrace like this doesn't matter. This small terrace can be a relaxing place after swimming or a place to breathe fresh air. Complete the terrace with a beautiful and cozy set of garden chairs, such as an egg chair and a soft bench. 

Small terrace design for family gathering place


Make something different with your little terrace. You can make it a cool place to relax and hang out with your family members. The terrace features relaxing seating and a television that will accompany gathering times. Take it easy, the terrace is shaded by a roof that protects the terrace from the rain and hot sun. This terrace model is guaranteed to provide a cool and pleasant  family gathering experience. 

Small terrace facing the garden


You can make a small terrace the best spot to enjoy your houseplant collection. The setup is quite simple. Rattan chairs and tables are positioned overlooking the garden. The garden area is also laid out as well as possible. With a row and tiered arrangement, it allows every plant to be seen even if we are on the terrace. Garden mats with synthetic grass also add the beauty of the garden. 

Small terrace ideas with fishpond


Sitting relaxed, while enjoying the view of the fish in the pond, can be a fun activity. If there is still space in front of the terrace, turn it into a fishpond like this. A fish pond with a mini fountain will present a cool and fresh atmosphere. Just spread a rug with mini cushions to enjoy the cool outdoor atmosphere. A terrace like this is even suitable for your reading place. 

More elegant with attractive flooring choices


Maximize a small terrace with a captivating visual. For example, in terms of choosing a terrace floor. Try to choose a tile floor with a Parang Batik pattern or whatever pattern you like. This kind of floor is suitable for a terrace with a modern traditional vibe like this. You don't need lots of decorations, thanks to the floor that make the terrace lively and elegant. 

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