7 Small Bedroom Ideas That Maximize Space and Style

Homiful.com -- Small bedrooms require more thought and creativity. You have to smartly arrange each position of the furniture, so the small room looks spacious. Must be smart to choose the best storage so the bedroom is not messy. Don't forget to include a personal style that makes your small bedroom more special! 

Luckily, there are various ideas that you can apply to a small bedroom. Keep your bedroom stylish, tidy and make you sleep better. For more ideas, keep reading for 7 Small Bedroom Ideas That Maximize Space and Style.

Create a mezzanine bedroom


Want a small bedroom but a lot of furniture in it? You can follow this mezzanine bedroom idea. The mezzanine area made as a bed. While at the bottom, you can put a sofa, a coffee table and even a makeup section. Place a television for entertainment in the room.  Isn't this very space efficient and multifunctional? 

Make a pink bedroom chic and classy


This bedroom in blush pink shades can be a woman's dream bedroom. The pink blush color in soft furnishings makes the room look sweet, soft and so elegant. The presence of windows helps to enhance the visual appeal of this bedroom. It makes this small bedroom more spacious and bright. 

Pick sleek furniture design


At first glance, this bedroom gives a simple, neat and calming look. Everything can be realized with the choice of wall color and room furniture design. In a small bedroom, you should choose a furniture design that is sleek and doesn't take up space. For example, a small nightstand, a small ladder shelf and a hanging dressing table.

Stylish little green bedroom


Make a bedroom with green walls appear lively with random white geometric lines like this. The bedroom also looks more dynamic. Choose sheets that are fresh as green walls, such as tropical summer patterns that provide a fresh and fun visual. 

Built-in storage ideas


A small bedroom will look dimensional with built-in storage or space like this. The built-in area can be used as a place to put cabinet sets and TV walls. The perfect storage idea for bedroom decor. Everything looks stylish with the panel lights with warm dim lights in this built-in storage.

Simple on floor bed design ideas


Get rid of the bed if it makes the room look cramped and stuffy. The on floor bed design looks more appropriate for a small bedroom. This arrangement is also easy to implement. You can make it warmer by choosing wood or vinyl flooring over porcelain or tile flooring. In addition, adding a large rug will also warm the design on the floor bed.


A minimalist bedroom can look bright and tidy like this. A yellow walls is a contrast that makes the room not monotonous. The walls are also filled with various decorative images that make it more aesthetic. Even in the design of a low bed, you will feel so cozy and pleasant in a small bedroom like this.

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