7 Simple Garden Ideas for the Winter this Year

7 Simple Garden Ideas for the Winter this Year

Homiful.com -- Winter that are not always pleasant for anyone make you moody when you want to perfect the garden at home. But with a little knowledge, gardening in the winter you can deal with well. And it is possible that you can also harvest in early winter this year, you can try to apply:

 Ornamental plants in the home garden


Just because of the winter, you can plant ornamental plants around the home garden without that your plants will die. Therefore, winter plants such as petunia, sweet alyssum, pansy or dracaena.

You can enjoy this house garden at home with the shadow of yuca rostrata and lavender covered in snow. Create a garden at home with four beautiful seasons in the garden taking into account flowers, textures, spring/summer, deciduous flowers and foliage and light for the benefit of winter.

Winter garden urban jungle


Placing tropical and subtropical plants with a simple collection of carnivar plants. To maintain the warmth of plants and bring to the tropical atmosphere, you can use the concept of a green house that has a semi-open roof to protect the snow enveloping the plant.

Beautiful gardening in winter


This is the right time when you choose some outdoor plants such as snow drop, lily or siberian iris. Do not worry when the plant will be covered in snow, you can clean it periodically in the morning. Clean the snow that is on the ground to keep moisture.

Mini pop-up greenhouse


Simple idea for a garden in winter this time is suitable for you to grow in a house even if your land is narrow. With the concept of this umbrella style greenhouse has survived for 5 years. With a size of 2 x 3 meters of beds that work well to cover them. This time you can use a lid to protect the coriander that grows in a container of whiskey barrels in the garden.

Hellebores and snowdrop


Beauty in winter, you can still create around the house with plant of choice. Hellebore and snowdrop are able to survive the cold and remain in bloom. Likewise with snowdrop is best to be a choice of winter plants, even you can place it outdoors or in a cooler room.

Garden in winter


If you want to save your houseplants in the winter, you can move some plants into pots and collect them in one area on the terrace or yard. Such plants such as wintergreen, carex, skimmia 'rubella', and hardy sedum are among the best plants for containers in winter.

Boxwood winter garden


The last idea you should try is with boxwood that has string resistance during summer to winter. They will not be covered in snow so that the green color with bonsai decoration still looks beautiful. Also create a simple Japanese-style garden concept using rocks.

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