7 Rooftop Garden Design Ideas and Tips

Homiful.com -- You can even turn the rooftop into a fun terrace garden. The use of the rooftop as a relaxing place or a garden is increasingly popular. Not surprising, considering that the top area of the house tends to be open and flat, suitable for a place to take care of plants and a place to relax, while breathing fresh air. 

The rooftop garden can also be a quick escape from the heavy, busy days. Free your boredom and tiredness while enjoying the weekend in the rooftop garden. Find out cool rooftop garden designs, only at 7 Rooftop Garden Design Ideas and Tips.

Beautiful, small rooftop garden design


Small rooftops can look beautiful even with simple furniture and decorations. Like this rooftop design. The all-white nuance gives the impression of a clean and sparkling rooftop garden. A parasol was added to avoid heat and dust. Seating is arranged to overlook the city view from a height. So, you can enjoy the outside view while chatting on the rooftop. 

Make it proper for the night


A rooftop garden is incomplete without plants. Try planting houseplants around the rooftop fence. Whether you plant it in a wooden box or seats with box planters, it doesn't matter. Beautify it by installing string lights that give a romantic and cozy atmosphere at night. You'll get the best night experience even on this rooftop. 

Pick a different rooftop garden floor design


You have to consider the roof garden floor design carefully. You can cover a flat floor with a deck made of conwood material. This material is beautiful as wood and as strong as concrete. Make it durable and resistant to outdoor weather changes. For a terrace garden, there is no problem using regular ceramic tiles. 

Rooftop design + children's playground


If you run out of land for children's playgrounds, just take advantage of the rooftop as a green garden as well as a children's playground. Design a part of the rooftop area with a soft green carpet. There, you can put a set of children's toys such as mini slides and others. The sides of the rooftop are more attractive with various plants in large pots. Put a set of outdoor chairs for a place to relax while watching your little one play.

Shady pergola on the rooftop


The rooftop garden will be even more perfect with shade. Don't worry about building a pergola there! The tips, make a pergola that is sleek and light. You can use a wooden frame that is easy to install. Use a roof made of lightweight bamboo slats. Tie the bamboo roof with rope to the pergola frame, so it is not easily carried away by the wind. 

Rooftop garden with outdoor kitchen

via: instagram/interioriox.id

Rooftop gardens can be made more than just an ordinary garden. Gathering-together becomes even more fun with different feature. You can make an outdoor kitchen in the same area. Use soft green carpet on the floor to provide a refreshing garden atmosphere. Enjoying food together becomes more homey with an outdoor atmosphere that you from the rooftop. 

Rooftop garden design with clay decoration


You will get a more natural atmosphere with a rooftop surrounded by clay tile roofs. Moreover, the rooftop floor also uses ceramics in terracotta colors. This rooftop also used as a place to care for plants. Plant pots from clay craft materials, making the rooftop more harmonious with the surrounding atmosphere. 

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