7 Popular String Succulents to Grow Indoors

Homiful.com -- Hanging succulents are another way to display succulent plants. Some of them even seem to have deliberately created to hang beautifully in the indoor space, one of which is the type of succulent string. String succulents are succulents that grow to form string or creeping with almost similar characters, namely pendant stems and fleshly green leaves. 

There are several popular types of string succulents to beautify a room. You can see some of them in these 7 Popular String Succulents to Grow Indoors.

1. String of watermelons


String of Watermelons or Curio herreanus. As the name implies, this succulent has oval, fleshy leaves that look like miniature whole watermelons in a strand. These oval green leaves are lined with fine purple streaks. Place them in a sunny window to keep them happy indoor. 

2. String of Pearls


String of pearls (Curio rowleyanus) is the most popular succulent string, the one you'll probably see the most. Native to southwestern Africa, this plant is easy to care for. Its unique look makes it its natural attraction.  These plants are so appealing in pots or hanging baskets. Its fleshy green foliage looks like fresh green peas, perfect as a natural or green curtain for the window.

3. String of Nickels


String of Nickels or Dishidia nummularia. This succulent plant has attractive foliage. The round, flat greenish foliage is reminiscent of a small coin (the size of nickels) strung from a string.  String of nickels love well-drained soil. Make sure the soil is kept moist, but not overwatered. 

4. String of dolphins


If you observe, this Curio peregrinus looks like many dolphins leaping out of the water. As the plant get bigger, its leaves becomes more and more dolphin-like. This is a succulent resulting from a cross between String of Pearls (S. rowleyanus) and Candle Plant (Senecio articulatus). They will flower in the fall. The flowers are white with a cinnamon-like odor. 

5. String of Hearts


The string of hearts also known as ceropegia woodii. It is a beautiful trailing succulent with heart-shaped leaves that trail down a thin stem. The color of the silvery green leaves with purple on the sides looks so charming. The plant is so stunning when hung near the window. It gives soft and sweet color to your home. This plant is non-toxic to pets and humans, so it is safe to grow indoors. 

6. String of Turtles


String of Turtles (Peperomia prostrata) is a slow-growing vine. Native to Brazilian rainforest. Dark green leaves with white veining patterns, giving it the appearance of a tortoise shell. Place it in an area that gets medium to bright, indirect light. The String of Turtles is a good indoor plant even for a beginner, it's so easy to care for. 

7. Silver Glory


Silver Glory looks similar to String of Hearts. However, the shape of the flat leaf is more like an apple or pumpkin. The color is also quite different. With a silvery green color that makes it look so beautiful and luxurious. Water every 10-14 days. They like indirect sunlight. Grows well in hanging pots like this. 

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