7 Pink Caladium that Will Give a Romantic Look to the Room

Homiful.com -- Caladium plants are one type of ornamental plant that is in great demand because of its beautiful variety and easy maintenance. One of the beautiful types has a pink color that is able to give a beautiful appearance to the room. Several types of pink caladium that can bring a dazzling look to the room in your home will be discussed in the following article about 7 Pink Caladiums that Will Give a Romantic Look to the Room.



Caladium Strawberry Star


This first type of caladium, is known as caladium strawberry star. Having thin leaves with white color makes this caladium look simple and neat. A touch of pink can be seen from the pattern, which is small but is able to take over the overall beauty. On some leaves, this type also has pink leaves as a whole, which makes your room more beautiful and charming.

Caladium Raspberry Moon


The next type has the name caladium raspberry moon, where the pink color is more dominant on the leaves. In the middle of the leaf has a white gradient color that gives a different dimension to its appearance. In addition to the dominant pink color, there is a small pattern that has a darker pink color on this type of caladium pink.



Caladium Party Punch


This type has the name caladium party punch, which can grow to a size of 24 inches. It has green leaves with a combination of pink, this type has a sharper pink streak on the veins. You can display it on the living room table to show its beauty.



Caladium Splash of Wine


This type of caladium splash of wine has thin leaves with a rough texture. Different from the previous type, this type has white leaves with pink splashes that look beautiful, while the green color appears in the middle veins. Usually, this breed is able to grow up to 14 inches.



Caladium Sweetheart


Caladium sweethearts is a type of pink that is the mainstay of this plant. It has green streaks on the edges of the leaves, making this caladium sweetheart look able to attract the charm of anyone who sees it. The leaves that have a heart shape with a pointed tip are the hallmark of this species.



Caladium Pink Symphony


Has a leaf shape that is almost similar to the sweetheart type, this caladium pink symphony has thin leaves that are almost transparent with a beautiful pink color. The stroke looks firm with a green color that is able to give variety to its appearance. You can put this plant on your desk without disturbing the space you have.



Caladium Summer Breeze


The last type of caladium pink that you can use as a beautiful decoration in this house has the name caladium summer breeze. The green leaves have a beautiful gradation with a white color that gives the impression of being young and bright. The pink color on the leaves, is found in the middle stroke, which has a sharp and firm color. You can count on it for a beautiful room look.






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