7 Outstanding Begonia Types & Varieties to Grow In shades & Indoor

7 Outstanding Begonia Types & Varieties to Grow In shades & Indoor


Homiful.com -- Begonias are one type of ornamental plant whose care is relatively easy. Much is looking for because the beauty is very aesthetic for all the interior of the room. These include ornamental plants of the family begoniaceae with more than 1000 specie of begonias growing in humid climates. Here are 7 list of begonia plants that grow beautifully indoors or outdoors.

Rex Begonia


Rex begonia is beautiful with colorful leaves, has a leaf length of up to 6 inches. Rex begonia plants can grow in moist but not watery soil. It grows more when exposed to direct sunlight. This type has many varieties and is very dominant when compared to other plants. Its characteristics can be seen from the shape, color of the pattern and its size.

Begonia Fireworks


Like other begonias, this type of fireworks is noteworthy for the color of the leaves. With a silvery purple-eyed color and a burst of black flames in the middle, this plant is beautiful if using a container as a shady garden or ornamental plant. It grows in height and about 12 inches long. Low maintenance, still make sure to maintain the cool light conditions are not direct.

Begonia Boomer


Boomer begonia include rhizome hybrids with thick stems and textured leaves that grow to a size of 8-12 inches. This boomer begonia treatment can grow in the shade or partial sunlight with sufficient watering. The profile of the textured and hairy-looking leaves has a dark green to light green color that mixes, with veins clearly visible.

Begonia Iron Cross


Begonia iron cross plant is one type of ornamental plant that is not symmetrical, rough textured, wide size and green with a layer of red hair. This plant grows ideally in humid subtropical and tropical climate areas. The treatment is quite easy and tolerance to humid conditions and requires adequate solar lighting.

Angelwing Begonia


Begonia angel wing is the easiest type of ornamental plant to grow. This type of begonia is known as angel wig begonia. It grows upright with spotted leaves, has a unique color and an amazing floral look. Plants that grow mature are about 12-30 inches tall with a width of 12-24 inches.

Begonia Montgomery


Next is the most striking and most colorful begonia, Montgomery. This plant is veined and silver-eyed purplish blue and star-shaped with the brightest silver color. Young with bright lighting but not in direct sunlight must still be ensured soil moisture.

Begonia Maculata


The last is a beautiful begonia maculata ornamental plant with silver spots on the bright green leaves with a red part. This plant is easy to grow in warm weather conditions with average humidity. In addition to the color of the leaves. This plant produces white flowers with a yellow center on one stem.

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