7 Must-Know Tips for Caring for Your Houseplants During the Winter

Homiful.com -- Winter may not be the best season for some plants. Cold air and low temperatures, sunlight that is not optimal, are some of the things that make plants not show their prime condition in winter. 

Don't let your houseplants get sick and don't survive the winter. You need to know some tips to keep your plants doing well in winter. Here are 7 Must-Know Tips for Caring for Your Houseplants During the Winter

1. Give plants light


After all, we and every plant need light. Light becomes a pretty hard thing to get a lot during the peak of winter. There comes a time when you need to be ready to move your houseplants to a window area that gets light during the winter. Clean and wipe the leaves of plants from dust, so they can absorb sunlight optimally. 

2. Watering plants during winter


During winter, houseplants don't need as much water as they do in summer and spring. Don't let you overwater the plants. The frequency of watering depends on the plant species and soil conditions. However, every 2 or 3 weeks is a good rule of thumb. 

3. Giving fertilizer to plants


Same with watering, during winter, houseplants do not grow actively. You can deter fertilization during the winter. 

4. Pay attention to the temperature and humidity 


During winter, the house can feel dry, especially if you use heating. Some plants hate dry conditions. To work around this, you can use a humidifier to keep the air around the plant moist. You also have to adjust the temperature with plants that are mostly from tropical climates. Temperatures between 55-85 F are suitable for tropical plants.

5. Prune the houseplants


February or late winter is a great time to prune trees and some plants. You can remove dead wood or twigs, tidy up the leaves of plants or shrubs before new leaf bud appear. This will keep the plant healthy and ready to back in their prime condition for the next season. 

6. Watch out for pests


During winter, dry rooms, lack of sun and unstable humidity can attract pests. Pests such as fungus gnats, mealybugs, spider mites, and other. Make sure your plants are protected from these pests. Check here how to get rid of plants: 7 of the Most Common Houseplant Pests and How to Get Rid of Them.

7. Hold on to repotting the plants


Plants need repotting as long as they are actively growing. For this reason, spring and summer are good times to transfer plants from old pots to new ones. In contrast to winter, plants tend to be in a dormant condition that is not actively growing. So, you don't need to do repotting. 

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