7 Most Colorful Aglaonema Varieties You Can Grow!

7 Most Colorful Aglaonema Varieties You Can Grow!

Homiful.com -- Aglaonema is known as a 'Chinese Evergreen' plant that belongs to the arum family flower and is a favorite of many people because of its beauty and easy care. This plant also has the ability that can clean the air with many and extraordinary varieties of beautiful details. Some other varieties you can see the reviews below:

Aglaonema Silver Queen


Aglaonema silver queen is known for the leaves that are shaped spears have a silver-green pattern. This plant can be a decorator of the room, with a stable room temperature makes a good ornamental plants. Like most other plants, this aglaonema favors moist soil, good drainage with high relative humidity that is easy to maintain.

Aglaonema Pink Passion


The following aglaonema is very beautiful with patches of leaves that are mixed and so an interesting blend. Dominated by a light green to slightly dark green, pink patches are on top of the overall leaves. This plant is one of the many that many people love because of its beautiful charm.

Aglaonema Mutasi tricolor


Mutated into a beautiful plant, this tricolor mutation aglaonema is not only with its beautiful leaf shape. Except from the combination of easy red, soft pink and dark green on some leaves only. The leaves also look not perfectly framed with a dark green color. Make sure you take good care of it with a regular level of moisturizing, lighting and fertilizer.

Aglaonema Chocolate


One of the characteristics of chocolate aglaonema is quite easy if noticed, as shiny as the eyes. Dark green leaves with grape red venation can tolerate low light, but prefer bright and indirect light. It is best if this plant is watered when the soil dries only about 1/2 of the bottom of the pot or container.

Aglaonema Commutatum Orange Star


This aglaonema plant is a new hybrid with beautiful leaves of a striking orange/pink color. These plants can grow and tolerate low light conditions and periods of wind. This plant is slightly slow-growing and can grow up to 1.2 cm.

Aglaonema Suksom Red


Next is the type of Chinese Evergreen that you can have at high price. The distinctive feature of aglaonema suksom is the red color on the leaves that are lit and plain with minimal chlorophyll. The edges of the leaves looks beautiful in thin pitch black color and frame the aglaonema leaves.

Aglaonema 'Silver Bay 


The last is aglaonema silver bay, which is known for its lush leaves of silver green to dark green color. Although this plant is slightly to the silver queen aglaonema, this plant has a larger size if placed on the floor or room. This easy-treatment plant will grow green throughout the year relatively quickly, thrive under conditions of moderate to low light.

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