7 Most Beautiful Aglaonema Varieties


Homiful.com -- Cheerful the space of the house and garden by growing a beautiful Aglaonema. Aglaonema is one of the plants that have low maintenance, suitable for novice gardeners. They can even live indoors or outdoors. The beautify of the leaves can attract attention and beautify the house.

Here are the 7 most beautiful Aglaonema varieties you can grow at home!

1. Aglaonema Red Gold


Aglaonema red gold will look stunning when growing under indirect sunlight. They have the characteristics of beautiful leaves, between a combination of gold, green and luxurious can make the look of a more beautiful house.

2. Red Aglaonema


Another popular variety of Aglaonema is Red Aglaonema. As the name implies, they have an alluring red leaf color. The treatment is easy, you only need to water it regularly once a day.

3. Aglaonema Anyamanee


Anyamanee becomes the most beautiful Aglaonema varieties with a pattern of pink leaf spots. To make the leaf look brighter, you can put it in indirect sunlight.

4. Lady Valentine


Looking for a beautiful pink plant? Lady valentine can be tried to grow at home. They have the characteristic of sweet pink leaves with fresh green accents.

5. Favonian


Another Aglaonema that has a beautiful leaf color is Favonian. The combination of soft pink and green will certainly decorate every room in your home.

6. Green Papaya


Aglaonema with bright green leaves managed to make a vibrant home. Green papaya has a characteristic pink stem that is beautiful. They can grow well in low light. 

7. Prestige


Other Aglaonema varieties with a combination of beautiful leaves colored pink and green leaves are prestige. They will be more pink when in the sun.

That's the 7 most beautiful Aglaonema varieties that you can grow at home. I hope the information above is useful to you. Thank you.

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