7+ Indoor Plant that Grow Without Sunlight

7+ Indoor Plant that Grow Without Sunlight

Homiful.com -- Sunlight is a useful source of life for everything. Especially for ornamental plants, that is the main factor in terms of their growth. However, not all plants can grow well throughout the day. Fortunately, there are ornamental plants that can grow well even without sunlight. And you can plant it in the room. Not all plants you choose to be used as house ornamental plants without sunlight. For that, we prepare several types of plants that can grow well indoors even without light.

 Calathea Lancifolia


Ornamental plants originating from Brazil usually grow in cold areas. It is also commonly called the snake plant because of its elongated leaf shape with a snake-like motif. This plant grows up to 60 to 70 cm, which is included large ornamental plants. Calathea can grow without sunlight, if it gets a more intense light, the leaves will curl and burn.

Peace lily


With many benefits, this peace lily plant can improve the air quality in the room well, absorb toxins to make owners able to have a good quality sleep. With low-light room conditions, this plant can grow easily, but with care that needs to be considered.



It is a legendary plant that many people are interested in. This snake plant has easy treatment with fast growth. Although this plant is adaptable to all environmental conditions, it can also grow indoors without sunlight, though.

Spider plant


This plant is generally an outdoor decorator and hung on the roof of the terrace. This plant is also easy to adapt even in various room conditions. Spider plant is easy to grow in the shade, if there is too much light he will burn its leaves.

It is very suitable, so the decoration of the room is included on a table like this.



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Plants that have leaf variations, this time can be an option if it can be with green plants. Begonias are commonly grown indoors because they like indirect light. The growth is also quite sure less than 30 cm per year, so it can tolerate from light is small.

Jewel orchid


Jewel orchids will grow beautifully indoors, even without natural light. With beautiful white flowers. This plant grows with artificial light from the room lamp that you can give about 15 percent.



Tradescantia plants have bright colors and are ornamental plants that are easily adapted outdoors to very good when indoors, You can make this plant as a beautiful hanging plant in the corner of the room.

Rubber plant


Ficus elastica is a rubber plant that has wide leaves. It is a top plant that never fails to make a bold statement with shiny, chewy leaves. This plant grows in a shady place, even more so if you place it in a room that has quite a lot of benefits.

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