7 Design Ideas to Steal for Your Tiny Kitchen

7 Design Ideas to Steal for Your Tiny Kitchen

Homiful.com -- The kitchen is the heart of the house, despite its small size in a limited space. Remodeling the kitchen with complete furniture is a solution that you can clearly try to apply at home. This time we have collected a small kitchen design that will be suitable for several types of homes and maximize the kitchen to the maximum. No need to mind the size, while the kitchen space function for cooking activities you still have to organize it neatly regularly and concisely. Check out some of the following reviews:

Tiny kitchen with a minimalist white touch


The kitchen this time is dominated by a minimalist white color and the use of cabinets is quite maximal. Limited kitchen size you can find a solution to choose kitchen table shape L fitting placed in the corner of the room. Remove all furniture or additional shelves in the kitchen table area to facilitate cooking preparation.

A small, sustainable kitchen


If you still have a house, with the concept of a studio apartment or a small house. It is not a problem to design the interior with a sustainable concept. Especially the kitchen area, which is very vital for the sustainability of the owner. This kitchen is placed between the bathroom and dining room without any barriers. But your activities will still run smoothly because the kitchen space is quite equipped with a storage cabinet for supportive cookware.

Tiny kitchen with savings of storage space


The next minimalist kitchen is still comfortable for cooking activities even though the shape of this kitchen table is linear with a size of 1 meter only. Placement of stove and sinks next to each other without a prep table for cooking. This time the kitchen space is frugal enough to maximize the existing budget, for example without a storage cabinet and only replaced with display shelves along the wall.

Tiny kitchen, shades of purple in the corner of the room


The combination of beautiful purple colors in a small kitchen this time is placed in the corner of the room with a small kitchen table. Although small, the kitchen set this time is maximized neatly as a storage space for various cookware to cooking ingredients. Purple shades are also applied to the walls of the room thoroughly. Small size still makes cooking activities so comfortable because of the window in the corner of the room.

Adorable tiny kitchen


A kitchen should look beautiful and clean despite its small size. To create comfort in the kitchen space, you can use the interior of this adorable pink shade. Some touches of pink are applied thoroughly with a comfortable work efficiency. Regarding comfort when cooking, you provide extra space such as the presence of a preparation table for cooking activities to large size room windows for lighting and circulation.

Small kitchen with dining room


One of the kitchen spaces is indeed a slightly dirty area in the house. But this does not make you have to prepare to do clean-up activities in the kitchen with a neat arrangement. Cooking and eating activities at once you can directly and easily. The interior is maximized by the presence of L-shape kitchen tables and the use of additional shelves around the kitchen.

Kitchenette with cast table


The last tiny kitchen in the house this time is reinforced with a table of cast material. Leaving the area under the kitchen that can be a place to store all cooking furniture. You can choose to use minimalist curtains or cabinet lids of solid wood material according to budget.

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