7 Blue Rooms To Relax The Mind, Body And Soul


Homiful.com -- Blue represents confidence and positive energy. Blue also bring a calming effect to the mind and soul. No wonder many fall in love with the color blue. Beautiful colors can turn the atmosphere of a simple space into a stunning space.

Here we will shape a review of 7 blue rooms to relax the mind, body and soul that you can make as a reference!

1. The refreshing front garden of the house


The dominating combination of blue and refreshing garden always manages to make the whole house more homey. Because blue is synonymous with natural colors that bring calm at home.

2. Elegant blue living room

Create a living room full of tranquility with all-blue decors. Not only the chairs, but the walls and the entire decors look attractive with a touch of blue. Recommended for your blue lovers.

3. Beautiful blue kitchen

One of the spaces that will look charming with a touch of blue is the kitchen. Just like any other room, this kitchen looks beautiful with a combination of blue and white colors. 

4. Minimalist blue dining room

Next to the kitchen, there is a comfortable, minimalist dining room. The dining room specially designed with a capacity of two mounts, suitable for your newly married couples. Give blue flower decoration as a sweetener for the look of the room.

5. Blue and gold living room

Want the living room to look more luxurious? Try to blend shades of gold. As for the blue color, choose a navy color for a more elegant look. Inspiring, isn't?

6. Blue dressing room

Do you have a corner of the unused space? Try to use it as a dresser room. Complete with lights around the mirror, to look more attractive.

7. Romantic blue bedroom

Present a more romantic bedroom atmosphere with a combination of beautiful lighting. A pair of hanging lamps with warms white shades managed to create a more home bedroom.

That's the review of 7 blue rooms to relax the mind, body and soul. I hope the information above is useful. Thank you.

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Author : Hafsah

Editor : Munawaroh

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