7 Best Living Room Plants To Brighten Your Home


Homiful.com -- Ready to refresh the room you have? You can try to bring beautiful indoor plants. There are many plants that you can choose according to your taste. Plants not only make the room cooler, but also good for peace of mind.

Some plants can also reduce indoor air pollution. For your reference, check out 7 best living room plants to brighten your home!

1. Orchid


orchids become one of the most beautiful ornamental plants that will decorate your living room. Orchids can live well indoor or outdoors. Avoid putting them under direct sunlight.

2. Ficus elastica or Rubber Plant


For those of you who like to collect plants. There are Ficus elastica that will make the corner of the living room more beautiful. The leaves are oval shaped with a touch of emerald green color will make the room feel fresher.

3. Calathea lutea


Calathea lutea have a beautiful leaf leak. The shape resembles a charming banana leaf. The treatment is also easy, suitable for you beginner gardeners. You can put them near the window, as the require sunlight intake.

4. Sansevieria


Sansevieria is the best indoor plant. They can beautify while cleaning the air in the room well. There are many types you can choose from, and they are all beautiful.

5. Ficus Elastica Variegata


The living room is favorite place to gather with family. The presence of Ficus elastica variegata plant decoration will beautify the look of the room. This plant can also eliminate air pollution well.

6. Palm tree


Palm trees become one the indoor plants that are easy to care for. The shape of the leaves is uniquely suitable to be used as a living room decoration. For styling, you can combine with other types of plants.

7. Monstera


Monstera is a popular plant and has many enthusiasts. Monstera leaves are beautiful, they also have low maintenance. You can place it in the corner of the living room as a refreshing decoration.

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Those are the 7 best living room plants to brighten your home that can inspire you. Which plant is your favorite of the above?

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