7 Best Houseplants for National Indoor Plant Week

Homiful.com -- Did you know there is something called National Indoor Plant Week? This is an event to promote the importance of living plants in the interior space. A week-long celebration that you should take part in. This week's event is held a third week in September on Sep 19 - Sep 25.

Anyone can celebrate National Indoor Plant Week. Celebrate in various ways. You can give your plants more attention, add a new plant for your home, to give plant gifts to loved ones. Oh yes, you can also show off your plants on social media with the same hashtag. 

Before that, you should know which 7 Best Houseplants for National Indoor Plant Week.




What's so great about Monstera? The first thing that will catch your eye is the shape of the leaves. The leaves are large and bright with its unique pattern. The vibrant green leaves will remind you of fresh natural forest. They will take a role as a stunner plant in your home. 

Spider Plant


Spider plant is a pretty easy indoor plant. This plant is easy to grow and easy to care for. What's so unique about spider plant? If you take care of them properly, they will produce plantlets (spiderettes or babies). Spider plant with its plantlets look so great. They are perfect for hanging basket plants. Excessive fertilization can cause spider plants to have no babies. 



Can we say, sansevieria or snake plant is the plant of a million people? Most people who love indoor plant, have at least one or several of these plants. Sansevieria is very drought tolerant. They also help to filter and purify indoor air. This native African plant also has a unique shape. One of them sansevieria 'boncel' cylindrical that looks like a starfish.

Peace Lily


As the name suggests, this plant gives a fresh and peace impression. White flowers on green leaves, giving a serene feel to anyone who sees it. To support flowering, try moving the plant to a lighter area. Where they can receive bright, indirect light.

ZZ Plant


Zamioculcas zamiifolia is a resilient plant. The plant can liven with 2-3 weeks watering schedule. You can plant it in a pot or in a coconut coir pot like this. They can be a great desk plants. ZZ plant is good for removing air toxins, such as toluene, benzene and xylene from the air. 

Rubber plant 


Rubber plant or ficus elastica is a great choice for a tough but easy to care indoor plant. Look at this picture! This plant stand out among other artificial decorations. It has dark green leaves with a stiff texture that grow towering on the slender stems. They love nice brightly spot. 


There are a thousand of different types of succulents in the world. For that, it's a shame, if you don't even have one. Succulents are small plants, which you can easily create with other decorating ideas. Even the succulents and pots of blue boots look so stunning. 

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