7 Beautiful Tradescantia Varieties You May Have at Home

Homiful.com -- Tradescantia is one of the ornamental plants that is widely used as a hanging plant, so it is widely liked. Tradescantia has a beautiful color with small leaves that can give its own charm to anyone who sees it. Tradescantia plants love moisture, but that doesn't mean over watering. Because, the roots of this plant are also easy to rot, if the roots are flooded with water. It is recommended that this tradescantia be planted in a mixed planting medium of humus, soil, and sand and has sufficient drainage holes. For some types, see the following reviews about 7 Beautiful Tradescantia Varieties You May Have at Home.



Tradescantia Tricolor


This first tradescantia plant is the most popular type. Having the name tradescantia tricolor, this cultivar has beautiful colors that combine with each other. Its colors are purple, green, and white. It is widely used by many people as a room decoration that can liven up the atmosphere.


Tradescantia Sweetness


This tradescantia plant has the name sweetness with small round, round leaves. The leaves have green and purple colors that combine with each other. Although it has a slow planting, this sweetness will spread to fill the empty parts of your pot. You can use it as a beautiful table decoration.


Tradescantia Pink Panther


Having the same leaf shape as other types of tradescantia in general, this Pink Panther has a smaller leaf size, so it will give a beautiful and neat appearance when in a pot. This plant has a pink appearance that seems to dominate compared to its silver and green colors.



Tradescantia Spathacea


Different from other cultivars that have small leaves with dense growth. This tradescantia plant of spathacea has longer leaves with pointed ends. The middle stroke forms a neat straight line and also, at the edges, has a purple color that seems to limit the green color in the middle.



Tradescantia Nanouk


This cultivar which has the name Tradescantia nanouk is one of the most popular types even though its presence is quite new. Why is it called new?, Because this plant is a cross-pollination of two selected albiflora seeds in the Netherlands. This plant has fine hairs on its stems, while its thick leaves are able to balance the humid temperature around it.



Tradescantia Fluminensis


This tradescantia fluminensis has a beautiful color with a refreshing combination of pink, white, and green. Very suitable to be used as a home decoration, this plant will be very suitable if hung, because it is able to provide a beautiful view of the room. This cultivar is known to be able to grow well throughout the year because it has a good adaptation rate every season.



Tradescantia Zebrina


This cultivar has the name Tradescantia zebrina which has a zebra-like pattern. The resulting color is more inclined to dark purple, with lighter shades in the middle. There are several varieties that are green or silver. This zebra is able to grow up to 6 - 12 inches. You can also plant it in soil media directly.







This is the review of 7 Beautiful Tradescantia Varieties You May Have at Home. From the design above, which is your favorite?

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