7 Beautiful Calathea Varieties You Will Love

Homiful.com -- Caring for plants is one of the activities that is starting to be popular to fill spare time. One of the plants that are widely collected with easy care is Calathea. Calathea is a genus of plants from the family Marantaceae. This plant has the characteristics of beautiful leaves and is relatively larger than other ornamental plants. Easy care, with adequate lighting, is very much liked by this plant. Too low light will make the leaves pale, while too much light will cause necrosis at the tips of the calathea leaves to appear blotchy and turn white. Calathea, is widely used as an indoor ornamental plant. For some of its types, the following will discuss 7 Beautiful Calathea Varieties You Will Love.



Calathea Exotica


The first type that will be described in this paper has the name Calathea exotica, which has green leaves on its upper surface. While the lower surface has a reddish purple color. Just like other types, this calathea leaf has a stripe pattern. The difference that appears in this type is the tall stem and resembles a stick.


Calathea Rattlesnake Lancifolia


This type of plant has the name Calathea lancifolia, better known as the Rattlesnake. In this one plant, it feels distinctive with leaves that resemble reptiles with a pointed shape like a spear that has a unique pattern with a dark green color. This plant when mature can grow up to 14 inches.


Calathea White Star


This type of Calathea white star has oval leaves with thin lines that form neat strokes. In contrast to the previous type, which was dominated by green, this white star Calathea is more dominant in white. There is also a touch of pink that adds to the beauty of this type of calathea.



Calathea Orbifolia


Calathea orbifolia is characterized by broad leaves with a round shape. The tight line pattern on the green leaves makes this plant resemble a zebra's body. The leaves that are the main attraction are able to grow up to a length of 30 cm and a width of 20 cm.


Calathea Triostar


This plant is actually not a type of Calathea, but is included in the Maranthae Prayer Plant family. Although it is not a type of calathea, this plant is widely known as calathea, which is widely liked, by people with very easy care. The colorful leaves are the main attraction in this species.



Calathea Fusion White


This Calatheahas the name Fusion White with green elongated leaves that have a beautiful white pattern. Not only that, the leaves look beautiful with a combination of green colors ranging from soft to bold tones. If you are a beginner, this plant is uncertain because it has more difficult maintenance compared to other types.

Calathea Crocata


This last type of Calathea has the name crocata. Although the leaves are not as beautiful as tricolor and fusion white, this type can flower with orange colors that resemble coals of fire. The existence of this flower makes this species also widely known as the eternal flame. This type will not flower if it is not mature and has dense leaves.





This is the review of 7 Beautiful Calathea Varieties You Will Love. From the design above, which is your favorite?

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