7 Adorable Miniature Terrarium Ideas For You To Try

 Homiful.com - Entering a garden at home can make the air feel different. Besides create indoor garden, you can make garden miniature for simple and efficient. Here are 7 Adorable Miniature Terrarium Ideas For You To Try. Let's check it out!

Pretty Terrarium with Miniature


Using circle glass as media, you can put plant at inside. The first is, put soil and coral for the basic of terrarium. Then, put and arrange the plant at the media. Decorate the terrarium with house miniature, and others to complete the decoration and make it have beautiful look.

Orchid Phalenopsis in Terrarium


Using a jar as a terrarium can equip the decoration at your home. With the basic of jar wear wooden, shrub, or other. Then, put plants like Orchid at the jar. You can decorate nicely with putting corals, shrub, and more for pretty terrarium.

Terrarium with Chemical Measuring Cup


Moreover, you can utilize thrift thing as terrarium media. Like chemical measuring cup for the example. You can put the plants as succulent, flowers, and others to place in this chemical measuring cup. Then, put a terrarium at the area with enough lighting to help the plants grow well.

Pretty Terrarium with House Design


Media that use as terrarium not only in oval, jar and other shape. Spill your creativity to create different terrarium at home. Like make the media of terrarium with house design concept for the example. With the unique and cute shape, can increase the decoration at your home.

Open Jar Terrarium in Different Vibe


Use open terrarium for different concept. With the cube glass, you can fill with soil, corals, gravels, and plants. Then, make the top of cube terrarium still open for open concept. Then, you can make the plants or decoration look pretty from inside into outside.

Cute Stand Terrarium for Decoration


Using astronaut helmet design can make the terrarium look gorgeous. Then, you can make the terrarium using stand concept for pretty and efficient decoration at home. Put the terrarium on the table, or cabinet for decoration.

Cyclamen Flowers in Terrarium


Besides growing at pot or outdoor, you can grow plants at glass media. Like growing Cyclamen flowers at terrarium glass for decoration. You can put the terrarium at bedroom, living room, and others.

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