6 Types of Geranium That You Must Know

 Homiful.com - Native to South Africa, geranium is a perennial plant species or shrubs in the Geraniaceae family. Geranium can grow in spring or autumn. And it can grow well in full sun lighting and in dry soil. Other way, Geranium perfect as decoration at your home. Here are Homiful.com have list of 6 Types of Geranium That You Must Know. Let's check it out!

Geranium Antique Rose

Has botanical name pelargonium 'Apple blossom Rosebud', normally grown as annual bedding plants, although it can be overwintered indoors. The plants are a zonal pelargonium with bicolored, white and red double flowers.

Pink Pandora Geranium

Derived to geranium, the plants have the shape of a tulip. The main feature of tulips pelargonium are its flowers, resembling tight buds of tulips. The color of these plants is variate, from light pink to dark maroon.

Geranium Quantock Double Dymond

Geranium quantock double dymond has fishing shape. The flower look very full dark purple with green eyes. The plants perfect as a houseplant that can make the ambience feel soothing. Watering the geraniums in a month or more, but take the plants at the place in enough of sun like windowsill.

Geranium Steffens Blackie

Geranium steffens blackie have the darkest leaves in geranium plants. Even plant stems have a dark color. And in the midst of that darkness, a beautiful, thin, simple flower appeared in apricot white pink.


Viva Carolina Geranium

Geranium Viva Carolina have medium-sized flower with creeping shoots that can spread up to 1.5 meters in length. The flowers of the plant are semi double, thickening with age. Geranium or Pelargonium viva Carolina have pale pink, almost white, but after standing in the sun, they are filled with paint.

Geranium Westdale Apple Blossom

Geranium Westdale apple blossom is a compact pelargonium that has variegated cream and green foliage and pink and white flowers that resemble apple blossom. You can put the plants at the place with full of sun and not frost hardy. Get very little water to care the plants, and you can be planting the geranium in June and May or from late spring to early summer.

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