6 Stunning and Easy Houseplants You Can Grow

Homiful.com -- Plants make us happy. Seeing how they grow will give you a sense of satisfaction. Even so, not all of us have the talent to be a green thumb. Maybe some of us don't have a natural talent for growing plants. Fortunately, there are also plants that you can take care of without any special care that bothers you. You don't need a green thumb to grow them. Here are 6 Stunning and Easy Houseplants You Can Grow.

Monstera adansonii


Monstera is a unique plant. The leaves have a natural hole pattern, which makes them an eye-catching houseplant. It is also easy to grow. You can even propagate it in transparent jars with  water, and they will thrive. Monstera adansonii love bright indirect light. The plant hate direct sunlight, as it can burn its leaves. If you plant in potted soil, check the soil with your finger. If the soil is dry, water them. 

Sansevieria/ Snake Plant


Having pointed and long leaves, this one plant is perpendicular and beautiful when arranged in kokedama-style. Sansevieria is famous for its ease of care. It is very drought tolerant. You can water it when the soil is completely dry. Sansevieria is happiest in hot, sunny and dry areas. They can also grow well in a slightly darker and humid. 

Lady palm


Lady palm or Rhapis excelsa is a board leaf palm or bamboo palm. This plant is also a species of fan palm. Its foliage have a stunning color gradation from dark green to yellowish green, even cream.  When you place a palm tree at indoor, make sure the plant is getting enough sunlight. Therefore, you need to choose a good spot that gets enough sunlight. 


Rubber plant


Rubber plants are interesting indoor plants that you should consider. Rigid foliage with dark colors will give a different vibe for your living space. This plant is also effective as an air purifier plant. Water it every 1-2 weeks, when the soil is dry out. Keep the plant happy by placing it on a spot with bright, indirect light. 



Another name for Maranta aundinacea is arrow plant. This plant has variegated leaves that look so beautiful. The leaves can grow tall on the slender stem, giving freshness to the corner of your house. They are so easy to grow. Place it on the spot with partial to full shade. Just make sure the soil remains moist, if it starts to dry out, do watering. 

Ridley's Staghorn Fern


Ridley's Staghorn fern will remind us of a deer's antlers. This plant can grow in semi-shade or full sun. Make sure to store it in a shady place. Also make sure to get enough water and humidity. This is done for the plants to thrive and strong. Do watering regularly to avoid yellowing or damaged leaves.  

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