Top 7 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for different vibes and increase cooking mood -- The presence of a kitchen in the house sometimes makes the air in it stuffy and not fresh. Having an outdoor kitchen is an option that you can use to create a cool and open atmosphere that will make you feel happy while cooking. In addition, having an outdoor kitchen can also provide a view that is not monotonous, so it is not boring when doing activities in the kitchen. For those of you who are interested in outdoor kitchens, see the following article about the Top 7 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas.



Kitchen with Minimalist Bar Table


Being in an outdoor area is often the reason for the stinging of the sun's rays to make an activity uncomfortable. In this kitchen, this problem is overcome by using a bar table, which gives the impression of being closed and blocking the annoying sunlight. Not only that, this kitchen is also equipped with curtains that can be opened when you need bright light.



Maximum Functioning Room

Next, the idea of an outdoor kitchen that you can emulate is to prepare a special room so that the kitchen still has clean and comfortable maintenance. In this kitchen, a minimalist room can still function well in areas outside the house. The kitchen is chosen with a linear model and is equipped with a simple dining table that doesn't take up space.


Relaxing Area in the Outdoor Kitchen

The existence of this outdoor kitchen makes it feel fresh and fun because it has empty land that is used as a garden as well as a relaxing spot. So you don't need to be bored while waiting for the food to be cooked, you can wait for it while sitting back with your family.

The Perfect Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen


Not using much land, this outdoor kitchen has a minimalist concept both in size and style. The choice of black color with a touch of wood makes this outdoor kitchen look clean and can disguise dirt. You can add curtains that can give a shady feel during the day.

Functional Backyard


You don't need to use new land to be able to present an outdoor kitchen, you can use the kitchen in this back patio area well, so you don't take up space in other areas of the house. The freshness of the outdoor kitchen is even more felt if you add plants around it.


Minimalist Kitchen Behind the House


Not only as an outdoor kitchen, you can also use the area behind your house as another spot such as a laundry area, so you don't just do one activity in one place. This will make your time more efficient.

Industrial Outdoor Kitchen


Being in an outdoor area makes this kitchen appear stylishly so that it can still represent the concept of the house you want to display. Using a floor with an industrial concept will be very suitable when combined with black and natural wood materials. The masculine look that is displayed will give charm to anyone who sees it.







This is the review of Top 7 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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