Tips to Make Your Garden Attractive and Functional

Tips to Make Your Garden Attractive and Functional -- Gardening is a fun activity to do. In addition to providing benefits to yourself, gardening also brings a refreshing atmosphere around the home environment. In addition, the rest with gardening the home environment becomes more beautiful, aesthetic and attractive. Here are some tips to make the garden at home more fun and beautiful:

Get rid of weeds with mulch


Mulch is material of plant cover that serves to maintain soil moisture and inhibit weed growth. You can get mulch from gardening stores. Before applying the mulch, you can cover the land on the empty spaces between plants with pieces of old newspaper. 


Add split-level technique


Apply one of these concepts in the garden of your home for a limited or wide size. Create split levels in the form of steps to separate one part of the park from another, this method can create the illusion of a wide garden.

Let the weeds grow


It's not a problem when your garden is overgrown with weeds. But do not plant it all over the garden so as not to make plants and weeds do not scramble for nutrients. But if this idea is not suitable for you, you can replace it with flower plants firs so that the garden order looks beautiful.

Creating with potted plant


If your residence belongs to a minimalist size, of course the garden area will get a small space as well. But not a problem, you can fill the garden with ornamental plants neatly arranged in pots. Either ornamental plants or fruit plants can be an interesting idea.

Fences around the park


To protect your garden at home from the hands of humans and ignorant animals, saving the garden at home is very important. You can design a fence at home from bamboo panels for a natural look. Then add a little ornamental plant around it to frame the fence more aesthetically.

Add a small pond


Small ponds also affect the appearance of your garden at home. Although only small, the design of the pool with a beautiful complete fountain. Create complex water habitats such as fish, aquatic plants and natural rock element.

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