The 3 Types of Humidifier For Plants, and How to Pick the Right One - Try this one for fresh and good air -- There are several reasons why indoor plants need a humidifier. Your house may doesn't always have the right humidity level for indoor plants, especially tropical plants that are used to living in humid areas. A room that is too dry will make the plant wilt and dry out. One sign is that the leaves are starting to brown. Getting a humidifier is the easiest way to keep a plant spot moist without having to keep an eye on it all the time. 

If you're still new to humidifiers, here are The 3 Types of Humidifier For Plants, and How to Pick the Right One.

To pick the right one humidifier for your plant, you need to have better understanding of type of humidifier. Generally, humidifiers are divided into:

Warm Mist Humidifier


Warm mist humidifier is the most popular and easy-to-get type of humidifier. This device produces a warm mist or water pavor. Warm mist tends to be purer, it's because they result from evaporation. However, mist temperature isn't as crucial for the plants

*disclaimer: the picture does not represent the type of humidifier described. 

Ultrasonic Humidifier


This type of humidifier converts water into steam to produce ultrasonic waves. The benefits, this device does not make noise when working. The mist released have a fine and wisp quality. It also produce water droplets to provide humidity. The design is also interesting, so it suitable to be used as decoration item. 

*disclaimer: the picture does not represent the type of humidifier described. 

Evaporative Humidifier


Evaporative humidifier uses a fan to send the cool mist through a filter that has been water-covered. This device is quite saving energy cost. It also more natural. Evaporative humidifier produces cool mist using a fan, it blows the wick and make the heat gone away in the room. 

*disclaimer: the picture does not represent the type of humidifier described. 

How to pick the right one?

Getting humidifier is a great way to keep plants happy. Once you know the different type of humidifier, consider: 

1. Choose the one that is close to your plant needs


If you're not live in tropical country, getting an ideal humidity is so rare. If you live in an area that tends to be dry, a humidifier with a cool mist may be suitable for your  houseplants, vice versa, if your house is in a region with cold temperature, a warm humidifier can be an option to keep your plant happy. 

Consider the room size


Choose where to put it to make it more effective. Adjust the size of humidifier to the dimensions in which your plants are located. The bigger and more plants you have, the bigger the humidifier you have to provide. 

Check for additional features


Many humidifiers have additional features that provide convenience and more appealing. Some brands have embedded a timer that make the device turn off automatically, within a predetermined time span. Importantly, pay attention to the capacity of the water tank. If the capacity is large, then you do not need to recharge the water too often. 

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