Rose Succulents Are a Thing and They Look Straight Out of a Fairytale

Rose Succulents Are a Thing and They Look Straight Out of a Fairytale -- Do you like succulent that are rese and small? Greenovian Dodrentalis is a succulent with curved, layered petals that make the plant look beautiful like a rose. See more pictures of succulents with stunning rose shapes below:

Fresh rose succulent  


Aeoniums love very hot or dry weather. In the  summer, this plant does not require water except in very dry conditions. When you grow it in containers, bother every two to 3 years with fresh soil. Provide fertilizer during a growth season that is balanced half the strength.

This plant is clustered with a beautiful green color like a rose.

Mountain Rose  


This succulent looks bigger with fully filled petals. Mountain rose has a beautiful blend of soft pink colors at the end of the golden yellow exterior.

Green rose succulent


Small pots with green rose succulent look attractive, filling the whole. The details of beautiful petals that are still buds will be more perfect when blooming at the same time.

Crested Sunburst


The petal shape of this succulent rose does look more curved and pale green. This plant has one large group tat is in the middle, followed by a tiny baby underneath.

Blue Rose


Although with a light green color, this succulent rose is still beautiful with a large cluster shape. Thick leaves store a lot of water, ones of the characteristics of succulent plants.

Dinner Plate


This petals with a higher shape form beautiful succulent roses to fill the room. Fresh green color mixed pale with a little yellowish when exposed to the sun is the center of attention.

Beautiful succulent roses


Red color with a little doff on succulent roses is more interesting to have tight petals. The buds are not so large but make a purposeful look at theses succulent roses.

Pink-rose succulent


Smaller than the other, but beautiful and clustered. Pink and green are mixed into one. The middle hole looks funny to attract attention. The treatment is sure to make you unsettled without a day of touching it.

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