Mayonnaise Tricks for Beautiful Houseplants

Mayonnaise Tricks for Beautiful Houseplants -- As is known if, mayonnaise is a complementary ingredient of foods such as pizza and salad. With this sour and sweet taste without being tried, mayonnaise is very useful for ornamental plants. Mayonnaise is believed to help the growth of ornamental plants while maintaining their health. In addition, it can also be used to clean ornamental plants that are long neglected.

When you want to clean ornamental plants with this mayonnaise, you need to know how to clean it. See the full explanation below:

First, what you can do when old plants are scattered with a lot of dust will be a barrier for plants to absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide. This is also one of the causes of the slow photosynthetic that will make the plant less attractive and dull.

The next rare that you can do to clean ornamental plants with mayonnaise, you can prepare a drop of mayonnaise, dishes and mix water to make a more diluted concentration.

Then you can take a piece of cotton cloth dipped in a solution of mayonnaise that had been diluted.
This method will make the leaves on the plant cleaner and appear shiny.

Lastly, you can rinse or just wipe it with a cloth so that mayo is not left on the leaves.

The content in the mayonnaise mixture makes the cleaning agent safe and will make the perfect shine. Trick cleaning ornamental plants with mayonnaise is very suitable if done on large leafy plants such as philodendron, Pothos, Caladium, elephant ears, snake plant, rubber plants and others.

Not is plants that are outdoors to get full sunlight may be irritated by mayo and sunlight reaction.


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