How to Make Snake Plant Grow Faster

How to Make Snake Plant Grow Faster -- For you all ornamental plants lovers, especially with this snake plant, this one must be familiar. With long, pointed and scaly leaves. 

Snake plants are very well grown at home because they have enough benefits to produce oxygen, eliminate pollution and help fight allergies and sick building syndrome (SBS)

To cultivate this snake plant is very easy, you can see the tips in the review below:

Use a small pot


When you want to grow snake plants in container or pots, use a smaller size to help them grow faster. Use a pot size of 8 to 12 inches and adjust the size of the plant.

Binding plants roots


The next way you can do to grow snake plants well is by gluing the accruals so that they stick or close.

In this way, it will encourage faster plant growth and new shoots will be appear. If the plant starts to grow thick, move it to a bigger pot and always adjust it to the size of the plant.

Give fertilizer regularly


For easy and fast growth, provide proper nutrition for snake plant. Give the plants a quarter to full a can of the total soil in the pot and do this every 4 to 6 weeks for optimal growth.

Place in a warm and bright area


In order for the snake plant to grow quickly, you need to place it with sufficient light. Place it in an area near the window to get indirect sunlight. Add a few hours of direct sunlight to increase growth.

Watering precisely


Snake plants can absorb water and store water reserves in their leaves, you don't need to water them. When the topsoil has started to dry, water it at the bottom or just the soil.

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