How to Grow Mangoes in Pot Easily

How to Grow Mangoes in Pot  Easily -- It is often referred to as fruit kings that have large and generally live in warm tropical climates. They can't stand winter and die at temperatures below 25 F. Mango plants need a lot of space to grow them. Urban garden that is currently widely applied so one alternative for those of you who do not have a large empty yard around the house. Just by planting it in a pot, you can have a mango tree that will thrive and produce more fruit.

Growing habits


Make sure you know in advance where mango trees grow. Some types of mango trees can grow up to 32+ meters, and more than 500+ varieties are grown worldwide. Mango trees if well cared for will thrive and live about 100 years. 

Propagation of mango trees


Besides being easy to plant in a pot, first make sure you multiply the mango tree. If you choose to multiply from the seeds, this will take about 8 years to produce fruit. But the brightest idea, you can buy a graft plants. Lately there have been many graft plants that are dwarfed to be suitable for planting in pots. With this mango tree, you need at least 2 years to wait for it to bear fruit. During the first 3 years, the plant will grow larger and produce fewer flowers. Productive fertilization you can find during the year of planting.

Choose the right variety


Dwarf mango trees can grow 2 to 4.5 meters (6 to 15 feet) that you can try to plant in a pot. Some varieties of dwarf trees that you can plant in containers are one of them: Irwin, Nam doc Mai, King of Thailand, Palmer, Malika and Fairy boy.

How to plant mango trees


Adjust the plant, the size of the ball will be on the plant that will grow larger in a year or two. You need a large pot to accommodate mango tress that generally grow more easily and quickly large.

If you use mango trees that are dwarf varieties, plant them in pots of 30-40 gallons after becoming an adult.

The best time to grow a mango tree


Make sure you plant mango trees about 2-8 months during the dry season in one year. The tree will flower 1.5 - 2 months at the beginning of the dry season and ripen 3 -4 months later. The drier, the better the fruit.

Requirements to grow mangoes in containers


You need to pay attention to the care of mango trees when planted in pots. First note the light, well--drained soil that is rich in organics. Make sure the pH is around 5.5 - 7.5. Use plain soil from the garden and use high-quality mixtures. Also add 1/3 of the compost or manure to the mixture.


Make sure your mango tree still gets sunlight for about 8 - 10 hours to increase optimal productivity. Place the mango tree in a container and set it to the south and west of the garden.


Mango trees planted in the ground do no need too much watering. But it's different if you plant it in a container. Water regularly in the first 2 - 3 years. This will create a mature tree and bear fruit. Do this up to 40 - 50 percent of the tree full of flowers until the formation of fruit.

Mango tree care



Pay attention to the nutrients for the mango tree that are balanced when actively growing. During the flowering season, reduce the amount of nitrogen and choose fertilizers with high potassium and phosphorus content. Use citrus fertilizers such as the 8-3-9-2 mixture available in the market.

Prune mango trees

To encourage more rapid growth. Mango trees require a lot of pruning every year. The best time to prune it is after harvesting.
Note: Heavy pruning can decrease the amount of fruit in the following year.


Make sure to reduce the strength of the tree., which can lead to fewer fruit. These need to be controlled as early as possible and use organic or chemical pesticides.  

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