How to Get Peace Lily Bloom

How to Get Peace Lily Bloom -- Peace lilies are one of the most commonly known ornamental plants because they are easy to grow and beautiful. This plant is a tropical plant that is always green and thrive on the forest floor, they can receive sunlight and moisture. With maximum lighting, this plant will produce instead of white and bloom all year round. But not many also fail to get this flower plant beautifully at the right time. But this time there are tips to get this plant flowering and blooming all year round:

 Proper lighting


Plants will not get flowers without enough light. Just like peace lilies that are quite tolerant of low light, but that does not mean without the slightest light. This method can encourage proper flowering, you can move to a brighter to receive light indirectly.

Give fertilizer


Flowers that look weak and not even encouraged to flower are very common, so the problem of many ornamental plants lovers. But to overcome this, you can use fertilization properly without having to reduce other nutrients and moisture. Use fertilizers that have a higher amount of phosphorus that plants need for fast flowering.

Protect plants from cold weather


To make it easier for your lilies to flower quickly, move your plants into the room before the wall weathers. Peace lilies will enter dormancy if the temperature drops below 50 Fahrenheit. Check this plant to clean the dust in the summer.

Place flowers in a room where the lighting is bright


Placing your place lilies in the brightest indoor light is very appropriate. You can place it eastwards or westwards with light, but not under direct light.

Keep it at a warm temperatures


Make sure your peace lilies plants are at home at the night temperatures. During the day you can give a temperature between 72 degrees Fahrenheit and at night 55 degrees. This method will make a fast flowering process of course with a regular watering schedule.

Standby with watering schedule


Get ready when watering that you can start by watering, the soil on the top begins to dry out. Let it flow completely before putting it back in the cup.

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