How to Care for an Air Plant -- Air plant is a term that is widely used for tillandsia plants, which are unique plants that do not need soil to grow. This plant is much-loved as a home decoration or as a collection of ornamental plants that are easy to care for. Even though it has easy maintenance, that doesn't mean this plant doesn't need to be cared for properly. If you want to have or even already have a water plant, see the following article on How to Care for an Air Plant.





This air plant likes indirect sunlight because direct sunlight will reduce the humidity of this plant. You can put it under a room light that has a warm light that is not excessive. If you place it in an area that has extra light, you can also water it better to keep it hydrated.



Although plants that live in the air, these plants need sufficient water to maintain moisture. If this plant is left to dry without water, of course, it will make it easy to die. The method that is widely used for watering this plant is by soaking it in a water bath for 20-30 minutes within a period of 1-3 times a week. If you need to water it again, use a spray without soaking it again. This plant is characterized by its bright, wrinkled, curling leaves when it requires water.






For temperature, this plant likes areas with warm temperatures because this plant comes from the tropics. The recommended temperature is 50-90 Fahrenheit. In climates that do not have cold temperatures, you can put it on the terrace all day long. But if you are in a cold climate, you can put it in a room that has a warm temperature.





Around the time the plant bloom, they will give rise to branches, commonly called pups. These Pups will appear around the mother plant, which you can separate so that it will become the mother plant. The mother plant will later produce pups that you can cut or leave hanging with the mother plant.





If you want to leave this plant, without cutting. You can grow it long and hang like the picture above. Overhanging growths will give the room a cool and leafy look.






Because this plant does not need soil as a planting medium, you can install this plant on various surfaces. Without a planting medium, this plant will still live well, but if you want to plant it on the surface, choose a surface that is resistant to water because keep in mind that these plants require water to keep them moist.




As Decoration


This plant is also very suitable to be used as a beautiful decoration that can be displayed on a terrarium. You can add sand and gravel to give maximum beauty to a terrarium filled with air plants.







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