Everything About Style and Pretty of Peace Lily from Instagram

Everything About Style and Pretty of Peace Lily from Instagram

Homiful.com -- Peace lilies are one of the flowering ornamental plants, so a favorite of many people. Striking plants that are currently used for room decoration are also very interesting if tried. A plant with shiny oval leaves with dots emerging from the ground, this flower grows well and blooms twice a year.

To try a new style that is more beautiful, you can make it for indoor plants filler corners of the area. Inspiration can see examples that you can realize at home by looking at the decorations from Instagram.

 Peace lily on side table


Trust a new design for a fresh room. From this Instagram inspiration, you can put peace lily plants on the side table that you can combine again with various other plants. Be sure to give him regular lighting and humidity so that they flower quickly.

Tips so that your peace lilies flowering plants can check in How to Get Peace Lily Bloom.

Beautiful in rattan lamp


Fill the void with space in the house with peace lily. In addition to being a beautiful and refreshing decoration, peace lily is able to clean the air around perfectly. Add a warm light shades to make it more romantic.

Beautiful bouquet of peace lily


This inspiration can be the choice when you will give a gift to a lover. Prepare three bouquets of peace lily plants and give a ribbon outside. You can cover the planting pot with a white cloth to make it look more perfect.

Cool bathroom


Refresh the appearance of the bathroom at home, not only from the selection of furniture used. Except with one ornamental plant such as peace lily which is the desire of people. Prepare a corner of the room or one place specifically to provide limits on sinks and bathtubs.

Set up an empty space in a relaxed area


So that you feel accompanied by plants when you own the house. Make this one relaxing room look fresher because of the peace lily. Rearrange the color of the sofa and cushion to be used. You can place it near the window so that the maximum received lighting.

Select ceramic pot


In addition to the right placement, choosing a planting medium from peace lily you can use that suits the size of the plant. Prepare the best facilities for peace lily plants using ceramic pots to looks luxurious, expensive.

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