Backyard Gazebo Ideas for Perfect Outdoor Refreshment -- If you have enough wasteland in your backyard and want to have an outdoor entertainment in your home, then a gazebo is perfect suggestion for you. Create a gazebo will make a home cozier and fit to any family occasion. On the other hand, a gazebo also can be the best place to pursue a quiet time after being weary with indoor activities. 

Before you renovate your backyard with a gazebo, the first thing you have to do is choose what kind of gazebo that suit your taste and stylishly suit your home design. Here are some backyard gazebo design and ideas to get you started. 

1. Traditional Gazebo

Bali Gazebo by starimperial

Traditional gazebo idea brings up ethnicity and nature design. Mostly traditional gazebo influenced by Asia such us Japanese-style Gazebo, Jepara-style Gazebo, Chinese-style Gazebo, Joglo/Javanese-style Gazebo, Bali/Pura style Gazebo etc. 

This traditional gazebo is dominated by specific color like brown, maroon and soil color. A traditional gazebo is built by wood material and tiled roof. It built in cubicle shape with small mattress and pillows to enjoy the nature nuance. If you want to create a perfect traditionally gazebo, don't forget to add some nature nuances like a little bamboo forest or fish pond in around a traditional gazebo. 

2. Classical Gazebo

c6 gazebo with classic coloumn by sculpture design

Classical gazebo will remind you of Europe classical buildings. This gazebo has special characteristic, like complex pillars, arched roofs with beautiful and detailed ornament. A classical gazebo stylishly perfect for classic style house. It's really match if you build a flowerbed in a classical gazebo. Enjoy your afternoon tea in this classical gazebo style. 

3. Country Style Gazebo

by Houzz


For you who love a firm gazebo style, then country style may be your choice. It's built and dominated with brick or milestone, even wood materials. The highlight of the country style gazebo is a firm stripe on the building itself. It will bring you any memories about anything that country and stylish. 

4. Modern Style Gazebo

Amish built outdoor by Lanchestercountrybackyard

This modern style gazebo fit perfectly with a modern or minimalist house. You can build a modern style gazebo in around your outdoor swimming pool. Relax after swimming in your modern style gazebo

Backyard modern style gazebo by netluxury

The materials and color for modern style is free to choose. It's not limited to special materials. You can decide whatever color and materials that suit your taste. Mostly, a modern gazebo is built from woods/stones/metals. Modern style gazebo is more futuristic and less indented style. 

Whatever gazebo style you choose, make sure to build a perfectly fit gazebo with your house style. So, the gazebo will make your house more warm and also perfect for any outdoor refreshment. So, tell us what you love among those 4 gazebo style?

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