8 House Plants That Are Safe for Your Pets Can Be Grown Anywhere

8 House Plants That Are Safe for Your Pets Can Be Grown Anywhere

Homiful.com -- Love plants and pets, sometimes both can not be made one in one place. But for starters, many plants are not toxic to pets and so an attractive option to be for all pets. Some of them can also purify the air in your home, see 8 plants below:

Areca Palm


A large enough room can be filled with betel nut trees that offer better indoor air quality. Betel nut tress can grow in a large room. They are very fond of bright light and are not immediately advised to be exposed underneath. You can prune the betel nut tree without the risk of damaging or killing it, which has a high consideration of the potential of the tree when it has the size of a container.

Spider plant


There is no doubt, if the spider plant is an attractive option to place anywhere. It is very well grown in bright place, indirect light and well-drained soil. Moreover, this plant is the perfect plant that can clean the room and is very suitable as a decorator in the corner of the house.

Bamboo palm


Bamboo palm is an air purifying plant that is considered to be an ornamental plant that is relatively easy to grow indoors and is very popular. Bamboo palm plants do not require a lot of time or energy when caring for them. Flush the plant until it is evenly moist and do not water too often and make sure if the plant is dried properly.

Calathea Obrifolia


Calathea obrifolia is the perfect houseplants for rooms that don't require too much lighting. Set a regular watering schedule, and make sure you keep it in a room with a temperature of 60-80 degrees.

Prayer Plant


From the shape of the leaves, the typical color of this plant has an appeal to the living room even the interior is low light. Treat this plant with fertilizer in autumn and winter. You need to water the upper armpits dry only.

Ponytail Palm


Then the next plant is an attractive palm ponytail as a room decoration. This is one type of succulent that just happens to look like a palm, with thick stems and long and thin leaves. Ponytail palm is very easy to care for plant and its stems can store water that can last a long time without proper watering.

Christmas cactus


The ill-fated cactus is a classic ornamental plant with easy maintenance that requires a little effort. You can multiply this plant so that you can give present from cuttings in some of its stems. It can survive in low light conditions, water it regularly and not too often.

Boston Fern


Not all fern plants are safe for pets, but actual ferns including Boston ferns can grow well with indirect light. It is recommended to hang it in the bathroom. Be sure to keep moisture that requires normal light and not in direct sunlight.

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