7 Wishlist Indoor Plants From Instagram

Homiful.com -- Instagram, Facebook and any social media, are now a place to share the best photos and moments that are currently popular. This includes indoor plants that have become a trend lately. Due to pandemic conditions, many of us dedicate time to caring for beautiful indoor plants and sharing their beauty on Instagram.

Instagram also inspired Homiful.com to share with you more popular indoor plants. We hope many ideas and pictures about indoor plant be one of your best 'inspo' to complete your plant collection. For more great indoor plants, here are 7 Wishlist Indoor Plants From Instagram.



Begonia is a stunner for your indoor garden.  In addition to the beautiful flowers, the leaves are so majestic that make you hard not to fall in love with it. There are more than 2000 different begonia species. But, you can't miss this Begonia 'Echidna'. Velvet leaves with a blue shimmer effect are so pleasing to the eye.



Homalomena is a tropical plant. Homalomena is on the rise among ornamental plant lovers. The main reason is the maintenance of plants that tend to be easy, and the shape of the leaves is very attractive. It looks like wax, the leaves are heart-shaped or half-heart, which refers to the common name for homalomena as queen of hearts. The plant can be variegated. Somehow, you'll get a gorgeous homalomena features a yellowish tint on some leaves.

Monstera Standleyana Varigated


Variegated plants are indeed more special. Leaves in greenish-white color gradations will give priceless natural beauty. If you are a fan of variegated plants, you can't miss this monstera standley variegated. It is included in one of the rare types of monstera plant. It can grow in bright indirect condition. But, if you want to have whiter variegation, give the plant more light.



Succulents are a wish list indoor plant for those of you who live in a tiny house or small apartment.  The size of the succulents is relatively small, it will even make a small desk look more alive with a succulent on it. You can also make a small succulent garden at home. Arrange the tiny cacti, bunny cacti and purplish echevaria to grace up this tiny garden.



You may be bored with green leafy plants. Tradescantia is one of the wishlist indoor plant that you must have. The purplish green leaves will instantly beautify the room. Moreover, this plant is so easy to care for. You can put it in an ordinary pot or hang it as a hanging plant.

Alocasia frydek


Alocasia frydek is also known as Alocasia green velvet. This plant comes from the Philippines, and it is a plant of the Aracea family. The leaves of the plant are dark green with bright white veins, which appear to divide the leaves. Uniquely, the white veins can glow in the dark. This plant can grow lush. It will be a great, green statement to any room.

Lemon lime Maranta


Maranta are being known as the prayer plants. The plant can open and close their leaves in the morning and dusk, which looks like praying hands. Maranta enjoy humidity, and does not like direct sunlight. Place it in a spot with bright, indirect sun exposure for the best result.

Of the seven indoor plant wishlist above, which one would you really like to have? Or do you already have some? Share your experience taking care of them with us!

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