7 White Succulent Types That Have Elegant Appearance

Homiful.com -- Succulents are one of the most popular plants because of their small size and easy maintenance. Not only that, the various types with varied shapes make this one plant the target of many people to be a simple and neat ornamental plant. From the many types of succulents, you can choose the white type to create a clean, shining look. The following is an article about 7 White Succulent Types That Have Elegant Appearance.



Agave Titanota White Ice


This type of succulent is a plant originating from Mexico that is very resistant in dry conditions. Having pointed leaves, this plant is very safe for you to use as an ornamental plant around the room. This succulent loves sunlight and can also tolerate temperatures as low as -7 degrees Celsius. This plant is also known to be perennial because it is easy to adapt to the surrounding environment.





This succulent, which belongs to the Asteraceae family, is a type of white succulent with thickened organs that have a pointed shape and tend to be elongated with a shape resembling a cocoon. Have a tiny size, this succulent can grow up to 1 foot in temperatures that are 25-50 degrees Fahrenheit.



Snowflake Cactus


This green succulent coated with chalky white looks even more beautiful with its cylindrical shape. This plant thrives so that it forms a small symmetrical columnar colony around it and this plant is known to be very resistant to pests and diseases, so it has easy maintenance. You need to meet the intake of sunlight and also water it once a week during the summer.

Haworthia obtusa White Variegata


This plant, which is still in the same family as aloe, has a smaller size with bulging and firm leaves. Having a white color with a green pattern, making this succulent an option that you can collect to complement the white plants you have. This plant does not like watering too often, its thick leaves will shrink when it needs water.

Dudleya Gnoma White Sprite


This plant originating from California is one type of succulent that has a white appearance that you can have. This plant has farinose powder, which is very effective for ultraviolet reflectivity, and this plant is hardy in summer and low light situations will make it stressed and susceptible to mealybugs. The intake of quality light will be better for these plants than the quantity of light. You also need to water it occasionally to meet water needs so that it still has a long life.

Austrocephalocereus espostoopsis


This succulent originating from Brazil becomes the next list of white plants. Soft fur with thick stems makes it look unique and much liked. This plant branches from the base to form colonies 10 cm thick with cylindrical stems. You need to pay attention to the temperature around it because this plant does not like cold temperatures. However, water the plant properly and allow the soil to dry out before each watering.



Arizona Snow Cap


This succulent with this type of cactus has a tiny size that is overgrown with white fluffy fur that looks adorable and unique. This Arizona snow cap does not like standing water, so you need to pay attention to the planting medium that should have good drainage. You can also plant it in a pot so that it can adjust to the temperature it likes. Regarding watering, avoid watering this Arizona snow cap in winter.




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