7 Types of Snake Plant Varieties with Flowers

Homiful.com -- Many of us probably have a snake plant or sansevieria as in indoor plant. This plant much loved for its long, pointed blade-like leaves. The greenish color also attract many people to have it. Not to mention, it is a low-maintenance plant. 

However, the charm of the snake plant does not stop there. Many people are not aware that this plant can flower. Yes, the blooming of snake plants is a very rare event. Some sources say the flowers are so fragrant with spicy vanilla-like scent at night. Make the snake plant more valuable. Not all types of snake plants can produce flowers, here are some 7 Types of Snake Plant Varieties with Flowers

1. Sansevieria Moonshine


Flowering moonshine is uncommon. Usually, snake plants will flower in the spring, once a year. It could also bloom on one fine day. When blooming, flowers from the snake plants will grow along with its leaves. The flower stalk will be full of small greenish flowers. The flowers contain sticky sweet nectar. Making it the target of sweet-loving insect. 

2. Sansevieria Boncel


Sansevieria Boncel belongs to the Sansevieria starfish. It has fan-shaped leaves. Among the thick leaves, this plant will release flower buds that are ready to bloom. The flowers are not as high as in other types of sanseverias. But, when it blooms, it will make this Boncel even more special. Take it easy, even though they have flowered, this plant is not dying. 

3. Sansevieria Cylindrica


Keep in mind, sansevieria will still be able to flower if it lives outdoors all year round. One of them is sansevieria cylindrica. To make it bloom, make sure the roots have reached the root-bound stage. Expose and place them in an area with lots of sunlight, with less-watering. This condition can cause flowering. 

4. Sansevieria Gabriella


You may not have heard of Sansevieria Gabriella. It is a hybrid variant of Sansevieria Balyii and Sansevieria trifasciata futura. The elongated leaves with pointed tips have a greenish tinge that attract attention. The plant can also produce flower. The flowers appear in the middle of the leaves. The flower adds a beauty of this Sansevieria Gabriella.


5. Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Laurentie'


Please note that of the various varieties of sansevieria, the type of sansevieria trifaciata is the most common type to flower. If the other only appear with one flower stalk, in one pot this plant can produce two flower stalks. A floral scent like vanilla that blooms only in the late hours of the day.

6. Sansevieria Zeylanica


Sansevieria zeylanica with flower can give you a good show. The flowers smell like grassy fragrance. Flowering occurs as the sansevieria is under mildly and continually stressed. It is due to low watering with good light exposure. The flowers only appear on mature sansevieria. Keeping them in near stress condition with low fertilization will trigger these plants to flower. 

7. Sansevieria Balyii


This snake plant look like it's walking from the pot. It has elongated leaves. The leaves will get longer in lower light. The flower stalk of this plant appear in the middle of the leaf. Make it have a beautiful center. 

In general, snake plants can flower in root-bound conditions and under mild stress conditions. This condition can occur with less watering, low fertilization and expose to a lot of sunlight. You don't need to worry as the flowers don't hurt this plant. For more tips to bloom your snake plant, check this post "How to Make a Snake Plant Bloom''

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