7 Types of Crassula (Jade Plants)

 Homiful.com - Perfect as houseplants, jade plants or known as Crassula are native to South Africa and Mozambique. The plants referred to as money tree, lucky plants, or money plant. Here are Homiful.com have list for 7 Types of Crassula  (Jade Plants). Let's check it out!

Portulacaria Afra


Have small leaves, Portulacaria afra known as elephant bush, dwarf jade, and pursiane tree. This plant is native to South Africa. Mostly, the plant has reddish stem and green leaves. Portulacaria afra easy to care and perfect as houseplant.

Crassula Ovata


Commonly known as jade plants, lucky plant and money plant, Crassula ovata has small pink and white flowers that is native to KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape in South Africa. The plants require little water and can survive in most indoor conditions. 

Crassula Springtime


Included in succulent plants, Crassula springtime is slowly growing to 15 cm tall. The leaves are light grey-green to dark green, opposite, thick, elliptic, and no larger than a thumbnail. The flowers are scented, have star-shaped, pale pink with red in center and bright pink overall.

Crassula Arborescens


Crassula arborescens or known as Chinese jade, Silver Dollar, and other has low severity poison characteristics. Often grown as houseplant, the plants have attractive rounded blue-gray leaves with maroon edges and small maroon speckles on the upper surface.

Crassula Perforata


Crassula perforata or string of buttons is a fairly fast-growing, shrubby and sprawling succulent with stems and leaves seems stacked. The plants grow well at indoor and perfect as houseplant. You can put the plants at living room, bedroom, and other area for pretty view.

Crassula Gollum Jade


Also known as money plant, Crasulla Gollum Jade or Crasulla Ovata have a small shrubby succulent that can grow up to 92 cm tall and 61 cm wide. It has a fascinating green finger of leaves with a red circle. Gollum Jade easy to care that no need require much effort and attention just to keep them alive.

Crassula Arborescens subsp. Undulatifolia


Has scientific name Crassula arborescens subsp. undulatifolia is a succulent shrub with fleshy, very stout branches and opposite pairs of elliptic twisted bluish-grey leaves with dark green dots and purple edges. The plants are easy to grow, but susceptible to mealy bugs and fungal diseases.To be known, overwatering can make fatal accidents for your plants. Just watering from beneath by letting the plant sit in a saucer of water. Make sure to pour off any excess water after a few minutes.

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