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Homiful.com -- Caladium is one of the ornamental plants that are in great demand because of the many types with beautiful variations. This plant also has a fairly easy maintenance, so it is very suitable to be used as a room decoration. Its beautiful appearance will also give its own charm to anyone who sees it. For some types, here are 7 Types of Caladium You May Have at Home.

Caladium Candidum

The first type that will be described has the name caladium candidum which has a white color with beautiful green strokes. This type has a height and width of 12-24 inches, which tolerates sunlight better than other types of taro.

Caladium Fannie Munson

The next type that you may have is known as caladium fannie munson which has a height and width of up to 30 inches. This type has a reddish pink color that has a beautiful and unique green margin.



Caldium Rosebud

This next variety has the name caladium rosebud which has luxurious leaves with green leaves that have a touch of pink gradation in the middle. In addition, this leaf also has white spots, which further add to its beautiful appearance.



Caladium Florida Sweetheart

This type of florida sweetheart, is much liked because of its pink color with red strokes that have green wrinkled edges. This type will also look beautiful if it has stacked leaves, so it looks like a bouquet with varying leaf sizes.



Caladium Pink Symphony

Completely pink in color, this caladium pink symphony has thin leaves with bold patterns. The pattern has green and white colors with transparent pink leaves. This type will be the main attraction when you place it as a room table decoration.




Caladium Gingerland

With thick leaves, this type of gingerland caladium can grow up to 14 inches. The leaves have many color variations that give maximum beauty to their appearance. The white middle leaf with green edges is even more beautiful and unique with its red spots.

Caladium Carolyn Whorton

This last variety, is known as Caladium Carolyn Whorton. Having leaves with complex patterns is the main attraction displayed by this species. The leaf edges have a green color that has a middle pattern of pink and white.




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