7 Top Garden Trends for 2022 to Inspire Your Next Backyard Project

Homiful.com -- 2021 is still about spending time at home. Not only inside the house, but also outside. The atmosphere outside the home, especially the garden, able to provide freshness and peace of mind. This year (2022), the garden trend is more emphasis on the function of the garden. It is all about how to make a garden a great place to spend time and increase the curb appealing. 

If you want to create a garden in the backyard, here are some ideas from 7 Top Garden Trends for 2022 to Inspire Your Next Backyard Project.

Garden as a social gathering place


The garden can be a fun gathering spot. Spruce the garden in little or big ways, so you and your family can easily hang out there. Even if you have a small garden, it doesn't matter. Place a comfy seat, an outdoor rug and some potted plants there. No matter how small it is, if you have a garden with tropical plant with lush leaves, it will be a cool place to relax together. 

Colorful garden with natural stones


It's time, we move from a minimalist garden to a more colorful garden. This colorful impression comes from the play of natural element colors. The most obvious is the black and white pebbles, which provides a pretty contrast. Plants with leaves in bright yellowish, pink-purplish that increasingly brighten up the garden. 

Water feature for optimal freshness

Rithirong Chanthungsuk

Creating a garden like this is a big project. However, you will get maximum freshness and coolness. This will also be a cool place to hang out. Beyond that, try adding a water feature to the garden. It can be in the form of a water garden, a fountain or a beautiful fishpond like this one. 

Fun feature to enjoy the breeze


Transform the backyard to an attractive garden design like this. Synthetic grass will be perfect for those who are practical, and do not have time to care for them. Add a swing bench that can be a place to enjoy the fresh air. This swing also provides a more pleasant garden atmosphere. 

Garden with a real tree


Some garden only have plants in containers. Actually, it doesn't matter. However, if possible, try planting trees in your backyard. Trees will increase the air quality. Trees can also be a home for birds, making the garden more vibrant and beautiful.

The lush garden but neat


If you like a backyard garden that is brighter and less shady, you can adapt this garden design. Lush plants surround the garden. The middle is more empty, so the garden look spacious. Take it easy, there are more leafy plants, making the garden atmosphere cool. 

Garden as plant showcase


You can make the backyard garden a great place for plant showcase. You can  arrange your potted plants in stacking shelves, so all the plants look visible from where you sit. Just place a rattan chair and table there, so you can enjoy the tea time, while looking at those plants. 

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