7 Tiny Bathrooms We Love and make comfort yourself

Homiful.com -- Bathing is an important routine in our life. Bathing will give freshness to body and soul. Prepare us for challenging days. To make bathing a fun routine, try to design your bathroom as good and beautiful as possible. Small bathrooms are not a problem. Small bathrooms are indeed short in space,  but you can make the most of their small size! The use of patterns, colors, and textures in an attractive design will make a small bathroom more stylish. 

For more ideas, here are 7 Tiny Bathrooms We Love.

Small bathroom with elegant look

Bathroom Designing

One thing that will catch our attention is this bathroom floor. Tile flooring in an epic pattern that fills the floor. As we can see, the shower area uses floor materials in different materials and colors. The 2-way bathroom act a visual divider in this bathroom.

Since the floor is already quite festive, wall tiles in a simpler patterns. Subway bevel tiles are picked to complete the look. The wall tile gives the higher look effect. 

Industrial Beauty

Bathroom Designing

Even the tiniest bathroom can have the best look with industrial theme. The gray-toned tiles on the floors and walls give a stylish industrial look. Thanks to these gray-toned tiles, which have a natural stroke pattern that is so exotic. The dimension of the small space are cleverly handled. 

Glass partitions are used to insulate the shower and sink areas. This glass partition is so transparent, it creates a seamless effect and keeps the room looking spacious. 

Bathroom with recessed shower shelving

Bathroom Designing

There are times when the cabinet option cannot be placed in a small bathroom. Just use another alternative. The dead wall space should not be unused. Consider making a small recessed shower shelving. A small nook will provide convenience in the storage and retrieval of shampoo, soap and more. This tiny storage also does not look outdated. You can also make the shelves float, if possible. 

Room for tub

Bathroom Designing

Who says the owner of a small bathroom can't have a tub in the bathroom? You can add a bathtub feature without making the bathroom look cluttered, thanks to its minimalist and sleek design. Position also matters. The arrangement extend and closes to the wall, still leaving enough space for a walkable path in this small bathroom. 

Mirrors on the wall

Bathroom Designing

The mirror will not only help you to touch up, it will also make the bathroom look wider and spacious. Here, the owner installed two round mirrors side by side to enhance enlightenment. Round design and minimal detail on the mirror, perfect for those of you who like minimalist design. 

Small bathroom with attractive tiles

Bathroom Designing

Present a small bathroom that makes anyone stunned. The contrast of colors and textures looks epic from the brown walls and the ceramic subway tiles on the walls. This makes a small bathroom visually trendy. Don't forget to pick mold-free and waterproof tiles. Besides being beautiful, this floor will provide longevity. The greenery work as decoration as well as the air freshener in the bathroom.

Center of attention


Don't let the tiny bathroom look plain! Create one thing that can attract attention. For example, an accent wall in green. This color is so contrast with other color shades. Makes you forget about how too small the space is, as this beautiful wall makes the bathroom visual instantly beautiful. 

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