7 Things You are Doing Wrong that are Killing Your Houseplants


7 Things You are Doing Wrong that are Killing Your Houseplants

Homiful.com -- Many of you like houseplants without thinking about the treatment first. This will certainly make your plants suffer enough because there are basic things that you do not know when caring for it. Have ornamental plants not only because flowers, leaves and good appearance only. You can make sure the plant is suitable to be placed in the room with extra care and other needs. This time, let's learn to know some mistakes that must be changed when having room plants in the house.



The first cause that is often done by beginners lovers of ornamental plants that cause their plants to die is overwatering. In that is not the mind if you do on indoor plants such as cacti. In fact, most of them like watering periodically, about once a week or when the upper soil is completely dry. That way, any plant has different water needs. You can find out the condition and nature of the moisture of the plant you like.

To much direct sunlight


The second mistake that is almost experienced by many people is the presence of light. They place plants in direct sunlight on a daily basis. Direct sunlight needs to be avoided for most species except cacti and some other succulents. This is open because without cause, because direct sunlight is not good and will burn the leaves of the plant. You simply give it a gentle sunlight and place it around a north-facing window.

Not all plants need a lot of care


Not all plants require a lot of care. There are several plants that you can ignore at one time without watering, namely cacti and succulents. You simply provide light treatment such as periodic watering, added with regular fertilization. Even if you use modern technology, watering time will automatically be set easily. 

Choosing the right pot, potting ground


The next mistake that many people often experience is choosing the wrong size that suits the plants. Although it sounds quite trivial, pots and the type of soil used for planting media need to be decided appropriately. Make sure to give more available growing space, so that the roots can form, and the plant is much larger than before.

Move plants all the time


Moving plants is also very necessary to maintain plant stability. It also affects the rate of adaptation of plants to their new habitats. Changes that can upset the balance of plants, such as re-pots, locker rooms. Be sure to consider the temperature and humidity levels that are steep can be detrimental.

Don't forget to check the root


A mistake that many forget when choosing ornamental plants is to forget the roots. Roots are among the most important organs in plants that are food distributors to stay healthy. When you want to do a move, make sure, when removing the plant from its plastic pot, cut the end of the dead root beyond the pot. Repot the plant into a larger pot and give fertilizer.

Know where the plants come from


Last time you will choose an indoor plant or outdoor, make sure to know the origin of the plant originated. This is very influential in plant growth. The humidity level of the plants' temperature when indoors will be different if placed outdoors. Choose indoor plants that are difficult to kill, that can be recommended for beginners here.

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