7 Super Smart Ways to Store Neat Pots and Pans

7 Super Smart Ways to Store Neat Pots and Pans

Homiful.com -- You will be very lucky if you have a lot of storage in the kitchen, with lots of drawers and some overhead cabinets. But the maximum enough space does not always have a neat arrangement. Pots and pans are one of the perfect ones that you use for more regular mask activities. You can store it neatly in an area that will not look riotous. To get the best way, you can store it neatly in an area that will not look riotous. To get the best way, you can save pots and pans that can be neatly arranged with the following ideas:

Neatly stored on display rack


To make a neat kitchen space, you can add a display rack that can be maximal to store all your pots and pans at home. Rearrange to exist pot and pan models, you can equalize the type so that it is easy when it will be used. You can also add a little color to the kitchen space from a contrasting and attractive pan like a backsplash wall.

Hang on the cabinet rails


There is  no more space that you can make a place to store pans and pots at home other than on cabinet rails like this. You can have enough furniture so as not to block a lot of view between the kitchen table and mini bar. Consider again if you want to add a shelf to the glass. And make sure these cabinet rails are strong for the load of your kitchen furniture.

Display in the cabinet


Leave how to hang your pot and pan at home with neat stacking in a cabinet like this. Rearrange the use of all furniture, equal the place of pot and pans and other kitchen electronics. Avoid putting too much furniture in the cabinet. You can arrange it neatly with regular with the addition of other shelves that stand.

The perfect vertical rack


This may be practical enough for you to try so that your pan and pots storage area looks new. You can arrange it neatly easily in a vertical shelf. In addition to the pan and pots, you can place the oven and a little decoration. Stainless material and or light iron for shelf is very suitable because it is durable and strong.

Add extra patching


You can take advantage of the empty space around the kitchen cabinet with a patch. This method is very easy to make your kitchen more neatly organized. Arrange the arrangement in this cabinet with a group of furniture of one types. Like a frying pan and a pot. You can also use several places to store knives, kitchen needs or other items.

Hang it on the kitchen wall


A small kitchen space allows you to not have a large cabinet for storage. But there is a new ways to style your pots and pans perfectly arranged in the kitchen. Take advantage of the walls around the kitchen that are still empty to place all kitchen furniture. Attach an iron hook to the pan hanger and adjust how many hooks to use.

Arrange with matching colors


Arrange a small kitchen neatly. Using colors that match each other, you can store all furniture with the perfect red color to make the kitchen more beautiful. Use pots and pans with uniform motif, so that the stylist is more attractive when viewed.

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