7 Stunning Purple Kitchen Decor Ideas

Homiful.com -- Your kitchen needs the same style as any other space.  The more stylish your kitchen is, making the cooking moment more meaningful and fun. Applying purple kitchen decor is one of the best ways to make a stylish kitchen. Purple things give an effortless elegant touch to the kitchen. Purple is also a good color for kitchen. It creates a sophistication look and gives off a subtle fashion statement, even to a small kitchen.

So, if you want to create a cozy and beautiful purple kitchen, here are 7 Stunning Purple Kitchen Decor Ideas.

Kitchen with little purple curtain


If you love a lively kitchen, you can adapt this purple kitchen decor to your home. This small kitchen filled with various purple kitchen furniture. However, you can't miss that beautiful purple curtain.  The purple curtain covers the bottom of the countertop without the cabinet. The curtains have a purple floral patterns that looks lively and sweet.

Kitchen in soothing purple tones


Purple is an individualistic color. This color easily catches our attention. However, purple is not always close to the impression of being crowded. You can also get a neat and soothing purple kitchen, like this one. Lilac is a soft, pale shade of purple and is the perfect base color for this small kitchen. Next, the owner choose a darker purple color shades to apply in the choice of kitchen appliances, from the curtains, purple stove, purple pots to purple cutlery.

Lively and spacious purple kitchen


You can have an all-purple kitchen from the floor to the ceiling. Just like this one. This simple kitchen has a purple thematic look, suit the owner's favorite color. The floor covered in purple carpet to complete the all-purple look. The arrangement of the kitchen in an L-shaped layout is quite fitting for a symmetrical room dimension. The L layout makes the kitchen look more spacious and airy. 

Kitchen with purple cabinets and floor


You can have a fancy kitchen in purple. Pick the purple cabinet that gives off an effortless elegant touch to the kitchen space. Moreover, these purple cabinets have shiny surfaces that make everything better. The marble floor with purple strokes also gives a luxurious kitchen statement. The countertop surface is equated with the floor, so between the kitchen and the floor there is a unity.

Kitchen with purple backsplash


There is something dreamy about a kitchen using a lovely purple backsplash, like this one. This backsplash does double duty.  It protects the wall structure from splashing cooking stains and stove heat. Beyond that, it also adds visually appealing to this kitchen.

Kitchen with purple cabinets and white ambiance


Purple is a right color to mix and match with white for a delicate and ladylike appearance. Choose shades of purple in softer and brighter tones. Orchid purple color is one of them. The bright and soft purple cabinet looks perfect combined with the white color around the kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen with purple decor design


This purple kitchen looks sophisticated, although in a minimalist design and relatively small. The purple color work well with the sleek kitchen furniture. The natural lighting makes everything in this minimalist kitchen looks so great. The black round table gives an interesting contrast that make the kitchen more stunning.

That's all for 7 Stunning Purple Kitchen Decor Ideas. Hopefully, the purple kitchen decor ideas above can help you find the purple kitchen design you dream of.

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