Looking 7 Stunning Pergola Ideas for Best Cozy Night with unique and cute lighting

Homiful.com -- More and more people like activities outdoor. However, that doesn't mean that those peoples like to go far from their homes. We can also get a pleasant relaxing experience outside the home. One of the best ways is to build and design a pergola. 

So many charming pergola designs and pictures during the day. In fact, the pergola can also be a cozy place at night. Chill out with friends on a summer night or enjoy a romantic dinner, all you can do at your pergola. That's why, you need to know some ideas for making 7 Stunning Pergola Ideas for Best Cozy Night.

1. Light up your pergola


The night air can give its-own freshness and tranquility. Make your pergola the best place for you to relax at night. You need to choose the best lighting for your pergola. There are so many ways to light up your pergola. Some of the most frequently used are string lights and hanging lanterns. It is the lighting that finish off any pergola design. 

2. Dressed up your pergola


The dark night atmosphere gives you a spooky impression. Get rid of that impression by dressing your pergola. Liven up with your favorite decorations or any seasonal decorations. The merrier the pergola, the more fun it looks. There, you can hang various cute little trinkets. It also feels so warm, thanks to the fire pit table. 

3. Bring a dining table

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Decide the main use of a pergola. You can make it the best cozy place for a dinner. Pick a dining table and set of patio chairs there. Pick the ones with wooden design for simple and elegant look. On the summer, remove the pergola cover. Thus, you can have a perfect for a romantic dinner under the stars. 

4. Bring lots of soft furnishings


Anyone definitely doesn't want to feel cold while in the pergola at night. For that, bring as many soft furnishings as possible to the pergola. Cover the pergola floor with a rug, bring soft knit sofa cushions to the seat. Seating option from thick fabrics can also be the right choice for a more warm and cozy night. 

5. Add fun seating

We can see, from some pergola picture above, almost some have one or few unique chairs. Let's say, swing chair. A swing chair with unique design will enhance the pergola look. Swing chairs will provide a more relaxed sitting experience, such as swinging. Just make sure the pergola frame is sturdy enough to support the weight of the person sitting on it. 

6. Opt for couches and perimeter lights


Unwind in the evening, feel so cozy with this pergola design. For a modern look pergola, you can choose a set of couch that arranged in L-shaped. This arrangement still makes the pergola look spacious. Add little spotlights around the pergola. The light shines beautifully on the pergola, making it appear more exclusive. 

7. Build a fire pit

A coverless pergola will give the vibe of being one with nature. There, you can place a set of outdoor chairs. Build a fire pit to illuminate the outdoor view as well as making you feel warm. Even it looks simple, somehow this pergola will be a cozy space nestled in nature. 

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