7 Stunning Orange Houseplants You Can Grow


Homiful.com -- Create the impression of a vibrant and cheerful home look with 7 stunning orange houseplants that we will share here. Orange is a color that can increase excitement and creativity. 

Well, you can make it happen by growing orange houseplants, that will make the house look beautiful and brighter. Here are 7 stunning orange houseplants you can grow at home!

1. Prince of Orange


Philodendron not only has green leaves, but also looks stunning with orange leaf color. Known by the name of Prince of orange, this plant has a beautiful leaf shape, suitable to decorate to decorate your home.

2. Coleus rustic orange


Coleus is one of the houseplants that have easy maintenance. The type of Coleus rustic orange has a bright orange leaf color like citrus fruits. The will grow well in the yard and inside the house.

3. Golden Oxallis


Golden oxallis not only has a beautiful leaf shape but also a beautiful leaf color. This plant also has easy care, be sure to put this plant in a place that gets maximum sunlight.

4. Flapjack


Having the botanical name Kalanchoe thyrsiflora flapjack, this plant has a beautiful leaf look. The inside of the leaves is beautiful green and a fresh orange color at the edges. Kalanchoe can grow well in the yard as well as indoors. If it is placed in the room, you can place it near the window.

5. Croton petra


Another orange plant is the Croton petra, they have the Botanical name Codiaeum variegatum petra. They will grow in tropical climates. Croton petra has leaves with a blend of orange, yellow, green and red.

6. Jelly bean


Th next plant has a leaf shape like a beautiful orange jelly bean. They have a petite shape, and grow well in mini pots. Place them in full sun for a brighter leaf look.

7. Orange ixora

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Orange ixora has the botanical name Ixora prince of orange. They will flower during the dry season. This plant, in addition to growing well in the yard, you can also grow it in small pots.

That's 7 stunning orange houseplants you can grow at home. From the example above, which is your favorite plant?

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