7 Strange Cactus Plants That You Can Grow

 Homiful.com - Different shape make the cactus has weird looking plants. But, it perfect to use as houseplant and make alive the atmosphere. Pick the best one of strange cactus at your home. Here are 7 Strange Cactus Plants That You Can Grow. Let's check it out!

Turbinicarpus Alonsoi


Turbinicarpus cactus or has botanical name with Turninicarpus alonsoi is the plants that rarely found. The plants have blooming with pretty flowers. Turbinicarpus grows in semidesert scrub on steep rocky.

Monkey Tail Cactus


Another strange cactus that perfect for houseplant is monkey tail cactus. You can grow this plant at the pot. With an elongated-growing cactus, you can hang this cactus at the roof. Monkey tail cactus have water-filled thick leaves and branches and most famously for their resilience to survive harsh climatic conditions.

Totem Pole Cactus


Has botanical name Pachycereus schottii monstrosus, this cactus has unique shape. The plants have structures very smooth, bumpy, and long branches. Same with other cactus, totem pole cactus has infrequently for watering. Or it can make the root rot. Place the cactus in a bright, lit window, but avoid one where searing noon can shine in and burn the plant.

Cephalocereus Senilis


Cephalocereus sanilis mostly called with old man plants. It comes in a cylindrical shape covered with long cushioned gray hair. You can grow this plant in mini pot or large pot that can make you have alive nuance at home.

Ming Thing Cactus


Ming thing cactus or has botanical name with Cereus forbesii monstrose. What do you thing after looking this plant? Like comes from other planet, right? The feature of cactus is woolly areoles and small spines in a black hue. And it bears numerous clusters of sculptural blue to green nodules.

Frailea Castanea


The one of strange cactus has cute shape and perfect into houseplants. You can put this cactus at living room, bedroom, and other. Frailea castanea can grow on rocky outcrops and stony fields. 

Cereus Spiralis Cactus


It has spiral shape, make the plants called with Cereus spiralis cactus. To be known, the young spiral cactus and grown from seed start off growing straight. Then, it starts to grow with a twist after 5 cm in height and can reach 300 cm high when mature.

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