7 Snake Plant Varieties for Low-Maintenance Living Decor make different your home decoration

Homiful.com -- Sansevieria or commonly known as the snake plant, is an easy-care plant native to Asia and Africa. This snake plant, is often found and is an ornamental plant that is in great demand because it is easy to adapt and can live for a long time even though it has minimal maintenance. This plant, is also preferred because of the many types it has. For some types, let's see the following article about 7 Snake Plant Varieties for Low-Maintenance Living Decor.



Sansevieria Black Gold


This first type of sansevieria has the name black gold because it has a dark green middle leaf with a yellow border. This gives interest to anyone who sees it. Sansevieria plants, are also known to supply a lot of oxygen in the room they occupy.



Sansevieria Patens


This type has a pointed and stiff end. This plant has neat growth and can grow up to 3 feet in height. These plants are also easy to care for, infrequent watering and indirect sun are the best choices for them.



Sansevieria Futura Robusta


The next type has the name futura robusta which is included in the type that has a small size. This type, is known for its green leaves which have a beautiful yellowish pattern, there are also some that have a combination of whitish green that looks beautiful and is very suitable for home interior decoration.



Sansevieria Bantels Sensation


This cultivar can grow to a size of 30-32 inches in height. The leaves have a slimmer size compared to other types. Not only that, this type has a white color that appears almost dominant along with its green color.



Sansevieria Moonshine


Having silvery leaves makes this species one of the best species for this snake plant. The leaves are flat and have a neat appearance, making it an ornamental plant that is suitable for those of you who are lazy to pay attention to plants.



Sansevieria Cylindrica


The next type has the name sansevieria cylindrica which has stiff and straight leaves. This type, is usually woven for a more beautiful and varied appearance, so it can be the perfect decoration for the room.



Sansevieria Golden Hahnii


This last type of snake plant has the name sansevieria golden hahnii, it is included in the dwarf cultivar that looks from its size. This type has a different color from other types of fresh green leaves, which tend to be yellow with green hues with beautiful lines.  Sansevieria golden hahnii is most suitable for use as a simple table decoration and does not interfere with space.




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