7 Small Front Garden Landscape Ideas

7 Small Front Garden Landscape Ideas

Homiful.com -- Minimalist garden in front of the house becomes an important part that must be designed well because it can beautify appearance of the house. Because it is the first part to be seen, the front garden of the house is a lot if you want to create a variety of ideas. As a relaxing spot, a minimalist garden to sometimes as a sports venue.

By designing a neat and beautiful garden, it can certainly create the best spot from the front of the house. Even do not need to  attach importance to its small size, you can rearrange it regularly and patiently. For example, you can see it in a number of images below:


A simple and cheap front garden


The first idea on the front of the house that you can example is to maximize the land well. Even if it's in the terrace area, you can create a beautiful design neatly. Use some natural touches of terracotta pots made of clay. The front yard of the house is also left open with ornamental grass for land cover and water catchment areas when it rains. This idea is quite easy to do for some types of homes.

Idea of a front garden of the house with a walkway


Made with a more complex concept. The front garden of the house this time uses pathway accents for footing and avoids the impression of getting wet when it rains. Some other interesting ways you can try by using coral rocks that function as a catchment or aesthetic visual from the front of the house.

If you want to make the front garden of the house more soothing, some vines and bonsai models can be used as an option like this.

The front garden of simple, small house


With a simple arrangement, the front garden of this small house is quite idealistic to try. Neat styling without using a lot of decorations can also still make the house more attractive. You can combine the front area of this house with grass element and coral rocks to cover the land. A wooden deck ladder for a foothold towards the terrace so that the visuals are more aesthetic.

Aesthetic front garden ideas


The design of the house this time is made higher than usual, which give rise to beautiful visuals. The size of the front garden of the house is higher, in addition to beautiful visual from the stairs. The combination of stairs and home gardens made parallel avoids puddles. Moreover, the concept of a small garden in front of the house is left open without the presence of tree plant, so it is quite to place swings or furniture as a relaxing place.

Elegant front garden design


The remaining land in front of an empty house will be more attractive and beautiful if arranged neatly using a variety of ornamental plants. Combined again with trails and ornamental grasses, are guaranteed to be created like a garden in general. Provide a vegetation boundary between occupancy with into the park without having to arise to puddles.

Small front garden with pergola accent


Create beautiful visuals from the small garden in front of the house with vines. One of them can be made like a pergola created from vines as seen. The land below it can be visualized beautifully like a garden with a variety of plant of choice.

Small front garden with a stretch of grass


It doesn't matter if you leave the front ground of your house with a stretch of grass like this. In addition to making beautiful visuals from the faced, the house still feels beautiful and refreshing. You can make a rash front garden design with ornamental plants of choice of vines, tress or those that grow in pots.

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