7 Pretty Small Water Plants To Grow In Mini Water Container Garden

 Homiful.com - Adding water plant features at your garden can make different vibes. In addition, the water plants easy to care, it can make your garden feel attractive and impressive. Today, Homiful.com have some list about 7 Pretty Small Water Plants To Grow In Mini Water Container Garden. Let's check it out!

Dracaena Sanderiana


Dracaena is the plant that is widely cultivated. You can call this plant with ribbon plant, that native to Cameron. Besides then, Dracaena sanderiana is the plant that has good fengshui and perfect to put as houseplant.

Water Peace Lily


As known, peace lily is beautiful plants that most used as houseplants. Besides grow at soil, you can grow this plant at water media. Just grow at container that filled with water. You can put the plants at living room, bedroom, or another place that can increase the view.

Dwarf Iris


Dwarf Iris or has scientific name iris Reticula is native to Turkey and Caucasian Mountains. Dwarf Iris grow with grass like leaves and violet blue for the flowers. This plant can grow at water container and use as houseplant. You can put this plant near the window that can be reached more  natural light to grow well.

Mosaic Water Plant


Mosaic plant is a tropical plant or annual that need warm water to have good grow. By using water as media to grow, this plant great for hot sunny summer. The plants have pretty mosaics in shades of red and green. 

Water Lettuce


Water lettuce or most called with water cabbage is plant that suitable put at garden. By growing water lettuce at home, make you have benefit that easy to make salad. Just cut and take the lettuce from the garden to make salad or meals.

Lucky Bamboo


Lucky bamboo is a popular water plant that can make perfect your home. You can grow the lucky bamboo in a vase or container with water as a media plan. This plant suitable put at indoor because can tolerate with the light shade or indirect sunlight.

Lady Binglei Lotus


Another water plant that perfect to grow in container is Lady Binglei Lotus. The flowers are equal in height to the lush green leaves. It's deep red bowl lotus and excellent blooming.

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